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  • jbucklin@cyberramp.com - first impressions are sometimes falseI bought this CD a few days ago, listened to it and decided to take it back. "It's allright", I thought, but I couldn't understand why people considered it so groundbreaking. A few days later I thought I'd give it another try. Man, am I glad I did. What a revelation! I just bought "Mezzanine", and although it's quite different from "Blue Lines" and very dark, it too is a total masterpiece.
  • Michael Mckiernan - This book saved my father from surgeryMy father has Chron's Disease, which was diagnosed about 10 years ago, and had been battling a horrible flare up for at least 6 months. His condition got so bad, that he did not want to get out of bed except to go to the bathroom. He had lost 30 lbs in a matter of 6 months and was slowly fading away. He was on a lot of medication including steroids, but the side effects were doing more damage than good. He ended up in a deep depression due to the illness, and had lost hope. The doctors finally told him the only way to improve his situation was to have surgery to cut out the strictures he had in his colon which would hopefully ease some of his Chron's symptoms. The week we went to his surgery consultation, a friend told me about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. After his surgery consultation, I told him about the diet, and told him he should give it a go before going through with the surgery. I bought the book, and I told him to try it for 6 weeks. He really didn't want to have the surgery, so he figured this was worth a try. The first couple of weeks were hard, but after 4 weeks on the diet, he started feeling better. By the 6th week, we were amazed at how well he was doing. It has now been 2 months, and the results are nothing short of miraculous. He has gained 10 lbs, his abdominal pain has gone away, his bloating and gas has disappeared, his bowels are normal and regular, his blood pressure is back to normal, his iron levels are back to normal (he had 3 blood transfusions in the past 6 months due to anemia), and his attitude and mental health are back to normal as well. Needless to say, he doesn't need the surgery at this time and he is now only taking one medication for his Chron's versus the four different medications he was taking a couple of months ago. I'm just thankful I found a solution in time to help my father, and estatic to have him back to his happy healthy self. Thank you Elaine for writing this life saving book!
  • A. Kugali - Great book for a fresh startI bought this book for my husband when he was int he middle of job-hunting. He wasn't sure where to focus his attentions and was even sort of ambiguous on what industry he wanted to work in. This book really helped guide him and narrow his focus. I would buy it for anyone in that same position.
  • William A. Monterroso - For the price, great bike.I bought this bike because I recently got into mountain biking, I like in Oklahoma so there aren't many mountains, cliffs, that I can really put this thing to the test, but there are several trails around lakes and ones that are made and maintained by people in the city. So far this bike lives up to the diamondback name. Great bike for the price, has some great shifters, fork is good if you know how to adjust it right to your weight and trail. Tires are very good they ride right over roots and rocks, recently taken it to a wet trail and tires held on to the trail. Brakes stop you on the spot great for those steep downhill’s or for when you're almost crashing into a tree... ha-ha I had my uncle test it out since he rides the mountains and trails in the country of Guatemala he said it stand up there with the other semi-pro bikes, and for the price it is a bargain at the level of beating and things this bike can do. If you are new to 29ers Like I am it is going to take some time getting use to bigger wheels and turning if you come from riding 26” which usually fly down the trail but as you gain experience you’ll be able to rise just as good as the 26” bikes. The one thing is that you need to assemble it and tune it or just go down to the local bike shop and have them assemble and tune it for you, making sure everything it tight and shifting properly. It took me a couple hours and trial runs to get it to where I want it, but save some time invest an extra $25 bucks and get it done by a professional unless you want to gain the experience then do it yourself. Over all great hard tail for the price, good introductory bike into more moderate mountain biking. One more thing get a different seat or a pad that thing hurts after a couple miles. Lol
  • Dusty Rhodes - Windows 8 is awesome!Microsoft is a great company and I've been experiencing the "life" of Microsoft since 1985 when I bought my first IBM computer with 10 megs of RAM (the first hard drive). As an ex-IBMer, I was not about to buy an Apple even though they, too, are an excellent company and I love my iPad. So we had no "Windows" interface, we had DOS and I had a heck of a lot of fun with it but it was tricky (you could delete your whole hard drive with one slip of the wrist. This is why I can't imagine why all these "unadventurous" types are bitching about this GREAT PRODUCT !!! The interface is SO EASY. Use your imagination and calm down. :) Microsoft is not your enemy. If you want a start "menu" tuck your pointer very solidly in the lower left-hand corner and your Start menu will pop up. Also, when you want to sign out, just put your pointer in the upper right-hand corner and a small menu will pop up. Remember those two things, and your set to go exploring !! Have fun .....