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  • Torin A. Dixon - Thought Provoking for Christians in AmericaDavid Platt makes a compelling case that Americans need a fresh perspective on the purpose of our Christian faith. We have been fed and coddled for too long, and it is time for us to reexamine the purpose of our salvation in the context of a needy world outside our US borders. Be prepared to be challenged like never before!
    T. Dixon
    Florence, MT
  • Flygirl - WE LOVED IT BIG TIME!!! (planning to buy more!)While I truly appreciate the heads up (regarding the company and credit cards), I am going to tell you what I think of the product as the wife of a husband who just tried ONE tablet! I don't think a guy can get these results with this tablet alone but I'm glad my guy of 23 yrs did not take 3! Reason being, is that he also uses pboost and while the two products can get really pricey, ONE tablet of this and one tablet of pboost made him like a rock star in the bed last night AND this morning! God as my witness! No one is paying me (wish they were) but these are the results we got! First time out of the gate! I'm 53 and my guy is 49 and he made me feel like we were both in our 20s!!! We did not do it like THAT when we met (I just turned 30, he was 26 and we were both active duty Air Force in Germany back in 1990)! So, that's my advice; I will look into the card thing (hubby got a free sample and just paid for shipping and canceled only because we did not want additional charges to the card); but I would GLADLY pay for this product (with the boost); I can barely get over how AWESOME It was for us around 1:30 this morning and AGAIN around 5:30/6a.m.!!! Can hardly wait until the next round!!!! Serious; try the two together and I doubt you'll be disappointed! Really, one or both of the companies should payment for this endorsement but it's the truth!
  • YodaGoneMad - Extremely nice warm leather gloves!I purchased these on a whim during the black friday sales. When they arrived I was extremely impressed. These are really nice gloves. The leather is high quality and feels/smells great. The gloves are extremely well made. They fit comfortably thanks to spandex between the fingers and a really soft comfortable lining.

    These gloves also have 100 grams of Thinsulate which makes them extremely warm and water resistant. These are great to wear during the snowy months, I used them for my morning drive to work and my hands stayed toasty and dry.

    I would heartily recommend these gloves to anyone wanting a nice pair of leather gloves for the cold months of the year.