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  • C. Brown "Lovely Ms. Brown" - OMG made me feel so much betterI've been having BV constantly, idk why....I am tired of having to go to the doctor all the time so I searched for something that would get rid of the fishy odor and this worked so well. I dont smell anything at all anymore and I am able to walk past someone or sit next to someone without thinking they can smell it. I pride myself on personal hygiene and with BV no matter how much you wash you cant get rid of the smell, but with this product NO SMELL:)
  • Phyl - Where There Is No DoctorI bought this book from Amazon to send to my granddaughter. Ellie is in the Peace Corps in Malawi, Aftica. She would like to start a library there with Medical Books. She works at the Medical Center and the people need Medical Books. They are not educated like we are in the United States and have little training. I do hope this book which my granddaughter asked for, is very helpful.
    Ellie requested "Where There Is NO Doctor" so I assuming it is very good.
  • Connee Davidson - The Hunt is OnThis second book was as exciting and gripping as the first one and kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. The hardest part of finishing it will be the two month wait for number three. All of the fans of this trilogy will be anticipating the final outcome of this harrowing story..including me!