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  • Robert De Thomas Jr. "Bob De Thomas" - Absolutely Hysterical and All True If You're in This Age Group!I started laughing just about from the first page. Crystal takes us on a very funny journey through his life. All the time while I was reading the book, I could hear his voice and visualize him telling these tales. I found myself savoring every page and didn't want the book to end. In the next few days, I'm going to trade this book for Crystal's "700 Sundays" which a friend of mine has and can't wait to read "Still Fooling 'Em".

    I highly recommend this book, especially to those in our age group of 55-60+ who will "get it" and laugh right along with Crystal.
  • brittlestar - Comprehensive Med school InfoThis book gives you the overall view of all the medical schools in the US as well as Canada. It includes the general requirements, range and average MCAT scores of the accepted class of 2005 and also characteristics of student body. Very useful for those who are doing research on where to apply.
  • Cindy-Ann Samuel - The only product that worked for meI am a real person who surffered with acne for years, as an adult it was embarassing. I used make up to cover my acne and I tried many pruducts. After doing some research I found the acne.org website and decided to purchase the products with high hopes. After two weeks of continued use as directed my cystic acne was gone and my face just had a different appearance, it looked more radiant. I would recommend this product to anyone, give it a try. I am very happy that it worked for me and will continue using it. One thing I would say which is consistent with the other reviews is that it dries out your skin so be sure to use as directed and apply moisturizer, I started using St Ives moisturizer at the side of my nose, on my chin and around my lips as these are the areas that gets the driest for me and I needed extra moisture. This did not affect the results I got and like I said its worth it. Now i have clearer skin
  • L. Klop - Will it blend?!Due to the high flux conductivity, this dishwasher safe Dedicated Link Cable has very impressive dimensional rift preventability capabilities. In addition to it's innate talent for dimensional rift preventability, this cable makes an excellent cancer-curing noose. Though the sound quality and transmission range is sub-par compared to anti-matter filled pseudoquasi-wireless P2P spatial link cable that Monster is selling, it's still a steal. I've also noticed that the cable grants me wolf powers, and makes an excellent tow-cable / jump rope. Sadly, it does not blend.

    I'd personally recommend using this cable to interconnect your Deep Blue to your Super Large Hadron Collider, as it's far too powerful to merely be used as a whip, though it does do a great job of harnessing your inner DJ abilities. Regardless, the Denon AKDL1 has changed my life.
  • Berta Bockholt - What a beautiful ladyI have followed her story from the beginning. I am so impressed by her strong spirit. This just shows you that one can overcome anything. How inspirational the support she received from her family. I loved the advice her mother gave her when she came home. Don't give that evil man another second of your life; be happy. Elizabeth is the most elegant young lady. I love her and wish her all the best in her life. How wonderful that she found her soul mate and that she has a chance at a regular fulfilled life.