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  • Mary Kruger - Cheap at the priceI'm so jealous of those of you who bought the Denon AKDL 1 Dedicated Link Cable at $500.00. I paid $9,999.99 from an outside seller, and I think it was worth every penny. I just bought a new 3-D TV, and I wanted only the best equipment for it, so I could really enjoy it. I plugged in the Denon AKDL 1, and I'm amazed by the results. The 3-D effects are so good with this cable I don't even need the special glasses. I have my favorite show on, The Walking Dead, and it's as if everyone's in the same room with me. I can see and hear, and almost touch and smell them-Wait.

    What? Huh? Help....

    Brains. Must have brains
  • AZgoodbooks "mikesimons" - The path to a sustainable, controlled remission of IBD, IBSI just got the new 8th Printing "Millennium Edition" of this wonderful book. This new edition is clearer than previous editions and includes valuable Internet resources for support, recipes, success stories, and more. I took drugs for 15+ years to battle my Crohn's. Nothing really worked. I finally started the SCD four years ago and have been able to maintain a controlled remission, drug free, since 1997! This diet has changed my life! For me, this diet provides better results than the drugs ever did, without the long-term side effects. After 1.5 years on the SCD I finally allowed my doc to perform a colonoscopy. The results: "We got all the way to the cecum. No evidence at all of Crohns. No scars. No inflammation. Nothing. You look completely normal." (Ahem - and this from a doctor who previously claimed diet had nothing to do with IBD.)My recommendation to IBD sufferers: get this book and start the down the path to sustainable remission. Diet has everything to do with getting better--find a new, more supportive doc if yours disagrees or learned otherwise! My only regret is not having started this regimen sooner!
  • Katy Quinn "nyc actress" - Scared of Huge Ships? This will help you!SO HELPFUL! I grew up sailing on Long Island Sound and whenever the QE II would come through the Sound, I would get hit! After 15 years of getting hit by a large, English ship I thought the Brits really had it in for me. Especially that old battle axe Queen Elizabeth. Seriously, aim your ship at me will you, you Windsor beatch! I'd begun to think they were aiming at me as some sort of weird payback for the Revolutionary War. You know, 'Yippee-ka-yah, you Yankee bitch! Eat big steel hull! So much for your paltry Revolution!' Much to my surprise, I read this book and found out it was all MY FAULT! All the hate has drained away. But I still can't drink warm beer. Thanks, Cap'n!
  • Glenda M. Browne "Linux tyro" - Gives a whole new meaning to 'self-defence'After I achieved my Tenth Dan Black Belt in Feng Shue, I thought that martial arts had nothing left to teach me. Boy, was I wrong! If I told you too much about the Banana Slicer Fight Club I'd have to kill you, so let me just say that until you've seen a small middle-aged man carving two savage pit bulls into small, cylindrical, evenly-sized pieces -- well, you haven't lived. Thank you, Hutzler!
  • Frederick E. Hutchings - Historical Perspective.Seems to be a well researched description of "biblical" time. Excellent bibliography and reference sections. Reads almost like a good novel. Well paced and answers a lot of questions that the Bible only leaves unanswered. I started it when I received it, putting another book aside, and finished it 5 days later. When I wasn't doing routine stuff, I had this book in hand. It is now circulating through a que. I hope I get it back. The line is long. Found out about this almost by accident, having read about it in columns by writers from the Washington Post. They were castigating an interview of the author by someone in FOX news. Knowing how FOX news shades things in their own interest, I had to purchase the book. Absolutely NO regrets. A permanent part of my library. Thanks...