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  • Georgiana Daniels - A Must-Read for Suspense FansThe perfect blend of action and emotion. I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but I snuck away from my family to finish reading the book because I couldn't--wouldn't!--set it aside. When you pick this up, be ready to lock the door! Though I've only read a handful of Ted Dekker books, this is by far my favorite.

    When Shauna McAllister emerges from a coma, fingers point at her as the cause of an accident, yet she can't remember the accident, nor the last six months of her life. Along with the heroine, the reader gets to piece her life together to find out who's really working behind the scenes to make sure Shauna doesn't regain her memories and why. From designer drugs to dark motives and dirty money, Kiss takes you on a fast ride.

    What I loved about the book is how Dekker and Healy took a character that seemed unlovable in the beginning, and tested her to see if she really knew who she was and what she was capable of. Also, the tight plot left me satisfied in that nothing was left unresolved. If you're looking for a fast-paced read that absorbs you into the story world, this is your book.
  • Bill - No question that it works.I found this book after googling a bunch of different things, and came across these reviews. Lots of good reviews, a few negative ones. Well, I noticed that all the negative ones were either people who hadn't actually tried it or people who didn't really stick with it. You can't rate a book negatively if you don't follow the program.

    Anyways, the diet simply works. When all the drugs I was prescribed stopped working, I turned to this. After a few weeks, there was a definite change. It has taken a little longer than the 2 - 3 months he writes about in the book, but that's because I still drink beer once a week or so. If I cut that out, it would be gone by now (about 4 months). In total, half of my spots are completely clear, and the others are completely clear in the middle with a ring around the outside.

    Lastly, a more moderate version of the diet should be called "how Americans should eat." I am almost happy I have psoriasis and found this book as it is so much more healthy. It takes a little bit for the body to assimilate, but if you have some discipline, it works wonders.
  • Brian Lew - easy to put together... just about 1 hour..great stand.. looks great.. does it's job.. easy, clear instructions on assembly.. only 2 sizes of screws long and short (7/32 allen wrench).. all the same size nuts (9/16) (use a deep socket.. made it really easy) and washers.. note when putting the casters on you'll need a (5/8) open end wrench or your adjustable to tighten them.. it took me just under an hour to fully assemble it.. wish I had gotten the 1090's instead of the 552's.. maybe another day..
  • Beata - What a great toyThis little thing does pretty much everything, from books , games, camera for taking pictures or videos. Learning in every possible way. No wonder it's the hottest toy right now. I had to buy it cause I have twins and mu daughter reiceved Leappad 1 from a friend but with twins I have to have double of everything. I decided to go with Leappad 2 .I didn't think my twins would notice the differences, they did but don't complain about it. Leappad2 has only one stylus pen, bigger memory, is faster and has dual camera.
    It requires four AA batteries and man they go fast. I started using rechargable batteries, cause it gets pretty expensive to replace those batteries. My kids love their leappads they are the most played toys in the house right now.
  • NancyK - Easier than PieI've been using Quickbooks since 1996, and can't imagine my business without it. I especially like the enhanced payroll: an extra cost, but worth it. Electronic filing of W-2's and W-3's couldn't be easier! The brighter graphics on the 2013 version make it more "fun" (assuming accounting tasks could be fun). Although I have to hunt for some of my old favorite clicks, the 2013 version offers greater flexibility for correcting past errors. I now use it not only for my own consulting business, but also for a not for profit corporation, and a contracting business. It works for all.