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  • Karli S Hayden - More than helpfulWe used this book for the general travel information, Rome, Venice, Naples, and the island of Capri. (We also visited Bologna, but the book didn't include a section on it.) Each section was thorough and offered good insight into the city layout, flavor/culture and the best bets for activities and restaurants.

    One of my favorite features was the self-guided walks of attractions and through the heart of Rome, Naples, and Venice. If you have a smart phone or MP3 player, it's easy to use the accompanying audio guides.

    I hope there is a book for the next place I visit.
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  • Spore Rox - DRM is NOT an issue!First of all, I think the whole DRM issue has gotten way out of hand. I certainly had no problems at all. I installed it just like a sims game, with the code and stuuf. Heck, if I didn't read all of the lame 1 star reviews on Amazon, I probably wouldn't even know there was DRM! This fabulous game shouldn't be getting 1 star just because of DRM. And some of these people have not even played the game yet! I believe Spore deserves its 5 stars because it's a great game. Me and my brother play it for hours at a time and even my dad loves to play it! The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is fantastic, and it happens to be one of the best games I've ever played. And I don't see why some people think the Space stage is boring, because I think it's great! I want to give the people at EA and everyone who rightfully gave this game 5 stars a big thumbs up! This is an awesome game! So if you really want a great new game and don't care about the stupid DRM, buy Spore because it really is amazing!!!!