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  • Artwumyn "Flo" - You cannot go wrong with ROKU!I love my Roku3! Super easy to set up, 800 plus channels, and - goodbye cable! The device is tiny - about the size of a hamburger and weighs little. I used the Mounting Kit to mount my Roku behind my TV so it is up and out of the way, no worries that it will get knocked about. I wanted only free channels for now and have over 80 saved in a variety of venues. There are many, many more free channels and of course, a large number of fee for service channels. You can get all the same programs as cable or satellite and still pay less than Time Warner or Cox. The remote is very easy to use and fits well in your hand. I love the earbud earphones that plug into the remote. A velcro tie helps keep the cord tidy and the wrist strap keeps you from losing your remote while playing Angry Birds. The picture quality and buffering is excellent with the Roku and I have had no problems with it reading the remote signal. Best purchase I have made in years!
  • Martin - Finally! A way to connect with my son!At the age of 22, I had my first child: a boy. Because of medical complications (negligence!), I was left unable to have children afterwards. And because my husband is against adoption, I'll never get to be the proud mother of a beautiful little girl.

    My husband is all about turning our son into a macho, man's man type, so they've become very close- primarily through playing sports and working on my husband's hot rod together. Consequently, my son and I had begin to grow a bit distant. Until....

    One day I went into my bedroom and found my son sprawled on my bed, busily making the sweetest, prettiest drawings. Hearts. Barbies. Bees. Flowers. Rolling pins. Dolphins. We spent the rest of that glorious afternoon writing each other cute notes and drawing the sweetest tattoos on each other--an afternoon we'll both surely cherish forever. All thanks to Bic for Her, so I know this won't be the next in a long list of things I love that my husband has taken away from me.
  • Ramiro Salgado "Hawkram" - The best oneOne week of use and no problems, it was reconogzided very easy for my computer core I7 with windows 7 64 bits, writing speeds about 80-100 mb/s in usb 3.0. Is my third seagate drive, the another two drives work like a champs about 1 year. Should buy one, and the price for 4 tb is very good too.
  • rodboomboom - A Bookaholic Pastor who became a Mitford FanI am a bookaholic. I read constantly and live among stacks of books to read, both at the office and at home. So, many of my church members bring me books constantly they want me to read. I decline politely, telling them I've got too many right now that I want to read, but can't get to.Then one member insisted this book was about me, a pastor with a big dog, who was single, than married, etc. I was intrigued. Then she gift-wrapped this volume and put it in my in-basket.With amusement I leafed through it, with honestly no real intent to do more than this. Then, I was struck my a chapter heading "The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached." I was hooked. The rest is history.I love this book and series. It does remind me of my ministry. This series is wonderfully written. Such wholesome stuff. Entertaining to the max, and hard to put down. Everyone in my congregation is reading and loving it also.