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  • Phebe Hart "techno geek" - great refurb tabletJust like new. Great price plus a 20% discount. Price in end was $127. My state however adds tax' CT is horrible for this. The product however is exc. My mom's first tablet. Don't be afraid to buy refurb, I've done 2x w/good exp both times. I added a Prime acct too. For abt $6.50monthly you get tons of media & 2-day s/h.
  • Lynn Harnett - Murder and mayhem"High Five," drops young Trenton, NJ, bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum, into her usual refreshing frenzy of mayhem, disaster, sleuthing and old-neighborhood New Jersey.

    This time the disappearance of cheap, crotchety old Uncle Fred nags at Stephanie's attention while her desperate need for money drives her to ask enigmatic, taciturn, mysterious and powerful mentor-colleague Ranger for work. Such as a job of "interior renovation," which involves sweeping drug dealers from their squat at dawn.

    Between working for Ranger, taking Grandma Mazur to funeral viewings, being bested one too many times by her only fugitive (a "little person" computer geek), and struggling with her feelings for vice cop and sometime lover, Joe Morelli, Stephanie hunts for Fred. The only clue is a roll of pictures found in his desk - of human body parts in a garbage bag.

    Evanovich keeps the antics and action jumping without overdoing her dry humor or losing sight of her crisp, mysterious plot.

    Most of her characters will be familiar from earlier books ("One For the Money," Two For the Dough," "Three to Get Deadly," "Four to Score"), but this is no problem for new readers.
  • Michael Lacalameto - WOW single malt utter aged Bovinae juiceI used to travel great distances at fantastic cost to find such quality animal by-product. Now I simply feed dollar bills into the magic screen creature and ask for the milk. In about a week a man dressed in all brown turd costume will ask to trade me a hand drawing for the nectar. I just scribble on his tri-korder and grab the product.

    To yield the highest benefit from creamy jug you must leave it simmering in the sun for at least 6 days before consuming. You can tell when it is getting ripe by the bulging of the container. Just spread it on toast or stir it into a steak. mmmm....Whole.
  • BartCop - Great book by a true hero!Susan went to jail for 21 months rather than play ball with a crooked monster named Ken Starr. She knew doing the right thing
    would put her in prison, but she stuck to her guns. This book reads like she's sitting there talking to you.Get this book!Read about a real hero who doesn't throw or catch a ball.Read about the meaning or courage, and standing up against the biggest bully on the planet - the out-of-control US federal government.

    Susan - great book! You rock!bartbartcop.com
  • Patti Rein "pattirein" - Greatest thing ever!!I LOVE this product!
    I have been plagued with overheating for almost a year, and discovering this product is a huge relief. It is cooling without being overly cold & I am finally able to stay under my covers and sleep through the night without freezing my husband out of the bedroom.
    If you are suffering from hot flashes or other temperature regulation issues, you should order one of these. I can't say enough good things about it!