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  • ole crip - The one-minute cureI have long believed that their were cures to many diseases that were being suppressed by the interests of major drug companies, and their affilates. I still believe this to be true, as do I believe that the USDA is complicent in these cover-ups. I have long sought out natural remedies that would help me control or heal my body of different problems. Just reciently my brother died of cancer, he went through painful, and sickening cemo. It did not work. I do not believe that most doctors are aware of alternative measures to help their patients, and those who do know of certain "unaccepted" measures, are hounded and threatened of a loss of their medical licences' if they dare to suggest any "alternative" method to healing, or even prevention. The one minute cure helps to begin an enlightenment of mankind, to the more often "superior" alternative methods of being healthy, and getting healthy. I chose to use the method of "food grade" hydrogen peroxide, not to be confused with "pharmacy" grade Hydrogen Peroxide, which most people are familiar with. I have been using it for some time now, and have been able to eliminate most of the medications that I was on for "gout", "diabeties", "high blood pressure", arthritis, and my mental clarity is better than it has been in years. Everyone needs to get this book, read it, apply it, share it. Educate yourselves soon, the major drug companies see food grade H2O2 as a threat to their trillion dollar a year deck of cards. I use it in my hot tub, I use it in gardening, I use it as a food wash, the uses are almost limitless. PLEASE UNDERSTAND,,FOOD GRADE H202 IS NOT THE SAME AS PHARMACY GRADE H202. YOU MUST EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THE DIFFERENCE, AND THE PROPER USE "BEFORE" TRYING TO USE IT!!!!!!! Get the book, read it, you will be glad you did.