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Country: Oceania, AU, Australia

City: Melbourne, Victoria

  • Sherman - Tagg pet tracking deviceI highly recommend this product!
    We went on our annual dog boating vacation, and had the piece of mind knowing if our dogs would run away, or maybe even swim away, that we wouldn't have any problems finding them.
    One thing that did happen, and now tagg has a solution for is, the tagg device can be knocked off the collar, which happened by our other dog while playing, but sure enough it alerted us on our smart phone that it was detached. Didn't have to wonder where it fell off, because it tracked us right to the device, and this was the following day.
    They just recently added, that I can monitor my dogs activity during the day, and make sure they get enough exercise to live a healthier and longer life, who wouldn't want that?
    So overall I would suggest any dog lovers or even cat lovers to get this product, you can't go wrong.
  • M. Reis - Excellent tablet for a regular userI find the Asus Transformer Prime TF201 (32GB) to be an excellent product for what it was designed to be: A consumer tablet. Note: It is not a notebook or full slate computer. I will provide a review on what I needed a tablet for: an eReader for books and journal article PDFs, a way to do light work (minor document editing and posts to online classrooms) when travelling, surfing the web at home, watching videos, and playing games now and then.

    Because the tablet has been reviewed fairly extensively, I will just address the highpoints and issues others have experienced. I am running Android version 4.0.3 (ICS) and it is pretty flawless so far (this udpate happened automatically when I first charged the tablet and took about 10 minutes). I don't know or care about the bootloader issue others have reported on. The only thing I noticed is that I cannot delete the stock photos in the gallery.

    Screen and Resolution - Bright, vivid, awesome HD graphics, and smooth scrolling between panes/screens. No defects in screen or resolution (no light bleed). Glass picks up finger prints but very easy to clean and not really noticable whne screen is on. Gorilla glass seems pretty hard, so hopefully will never scratch with proper care and a case.

    WiFi - no problems whatsoever. Signal is pretty good several floors from router and has not dropped. My tablet works as well as all my other wireless devices. The signal strength indicator does vary from 10-52 Mbps depending on where you are, but it never has any trouble downloading at regular speeds. My expereince has been that the WiFi on the tablet works fine, but could probably be better for those with weak signals.

    Browser - The Asus browser works great! Loads as fast as any other WiFi computers on my 54 Mbps wireless(but slightly slower than hard-wired broadband computers, of course). I prefer the functionality of non-Mobile sites for Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes, so glad I can access these sites with a regular browser rather than a stripped-down App. Access is fast and trouble-free to all the major sites I have visited. I have encountered only a very few "browser not responding" boxes when loadig large pages, but as soon as you click "Wait" the page is immediately loaded and there have been no real "crashes" to report.

    eReader - Using Kindle and MyLibrary apps, books and PDFs open and scroll fine. One exception is that I can't open password-protected PDFs...seems to be a ProQuest ezproxy compatibility issue with Android OS and not the fault of the tablet per se.

    Apps - Have downloaded about 20 and all seem to work fine. No crashes.

    Battery life - It goes through about 10% an hour with moderate use and "balanced mode" selected. I got 11.5 hours on first full day of usage and still had 10% battery left when I shut down. very hapy with battery life. The keyboard dock battery should extend this to 16 hours - very nice!

    GPS - Did not buy for this feature, but it works fine with WiFi on or off. Inside or outside of house makes no difference either. Accurate to within 10-15 feet and updates in real time with your movements.

    I have not yet received the keyboard dock yet, so I can't comment on that, but I hope that it allows for easier full screen viewing while typing. The Asus keyboard works fine for an on-screen keyboard (certainly easier than using the one on my android phone!) and does not have any noticeable lag (but I am not a speed typist by any stretch of the imagination!).

    One thing I did not anticipate is how hard it is to hold with one hand for extended periods of time. It is not heavy, but it is thin and the back is not textured enough to provide good grip. I have ordered a case that should make one-handed reading easier and also converts for desktop stand use.

    Overall I feel this is an excellent tablet.