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  • Jared, The One And Only - Great E-BookI would have to agree with the complaints of the paper edition. The Kindle edition, however, is so easy, every company name is linked to all other pages about that given company which makes everything just a click a way. I can't imagine, though, how long it would take to maze through the pages of the paper edition. The Kindle edition is recommended and you don't need a Kindle to read it.
  • P. W. M. - This helped me with Irritable Bowel SyndromeI have acid reflux, and while on vacation in 2010, I started eatings 5 or 6 tums before bedtime. I believe that I upset the acid balance in my stomach enough that it allowed an undesirable strain of bacteria to flourish in my intestines. Of course it could just be a coincidence, but I never had IBS before. The doctors gave me medicine to stop the pain and quivering sensations in my right lower abdomen, but I credit the diet recommended in this book for getting my intestinal flora back to normal. I don't take any medicine for IBS now. It noticed a difference in 3 weeks after following diet advice mentioned in this book, but you must follow the advice and not cheat! Avoiding the white stuff, like sugar and flour definitely helped me! My IBS would keep me up at night with abdominal pains, but is gone now. I stayed on the diet strictly for about 6 months and then gradually introduced some of the sugars and flours back into my diet. I eat a normal diet now, but I still try to limit sugars and flour when I can.
  • Al Binford - GAME CHANGE 2012 "MUST READ" FOR SERIOUS VOTERSCaptures the behind-the-scenes events and incidents that the everyday reader (and voter) does not have access to. Loved the first Game Change and the HBO version of the Sarah Palin adventure. Game Change 2012 is a "must read" for serious political junkies and I have recommended it to several friends for that reason. Looking forward to Game Change III.
  • Heather L May - An amazing story written during the most traumatic situation a young girl could face.This was a well written book about a terrible situation. I applaud Elizabeth Smart for being so brave to write her story in truth. So many people across the whole nation prayed for her, but her family never gave up hope and she never did either. One thing that really stood out to me was how she sustained her faith throughout her ordeal.
  • Janet F. - I highly recommend the NurriBullet.This is the best little blender ever! I have just used it for smoothies, but I bet it would make a great margarita, too. Tne blender is very powerful. I put a little ice in my smoothies and it blends them to perfection, smooth and creamy like a milkshake. I have seen youtube demonstrations in real kitchens. The Nutri Bullet beats the others hands down for reducing fruits and vegtables to a smooth, drinkable consistency. If you are having trouble getting your kids to eat more vegtables, try a little spinach in a strawberry banana smoothies. Yum.