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  • Lynda Engler - Nothing but Praise for Hugh HoweyI did not realize this was an Indie book, only that it was the REST of the short story I had read and I wanted... NO... NEEDED more. I have only praise for Hugh and this fascinating post-apocalyptic read: riveting, gritty and real, intense, addictive, completely immersive, amazing, well-written... the list of adjectives goes on, but you get the idea. Well developed characters, plot twists that kept me clicking the forward button on the Kindle, and a believable story line that continued to develop in new and exciting ways.

    Hugh, you may have started out strumming that guitar in subway stations – but soon you’ll be playing nothing but Carnegie Hall. I am so happy to have discovered "Wool" and have already added “Shift” to my list of upcoming Kindle titles.
  • KVD - Love my Galaxy Tablet!This tablet is the best. My friends with Ipads even said they prefer this tablet. Love that it syncs with my Galaxy S3 phone. Great buy.
  • Keith B. - OMG - The picture clarity is wonderful for the 32 inch size.The LG 32LN5700 is an LED TV I would highly recommend. It has an amazing picture, 2 HDMI connections and 1 USB. It has both wireless & wired network connections. The price was great from Amazon at under $400 and free shipping.

    I purchase 2 units. If you need a TV for the bedroom or guest room I would recommend LG !!!!
  • Terry P "mrdata98" - A great readFull disclosure: I am a big Mike Lupica fan.

    That being said, I did enjoy this book. It's a fun and easy read, especially if you are a high school football fan and/or the parent of a teen age athlete. If it was summer, I'd say it's a good beach book. Not taxing on the mind, just good fun.
  • Cynthia Hurst - Great Summer ReadBeautiful Ruins is a roller coaster of times and places with something for everyone, but those favoring quirky modern fiction mixed with 60s zaniness will love this book. The author is an amazing writer, a man from Spokane with a world view, and he carries off the time changes and jumble of characters well. He also has an incredible number of ideas that come in very handy. The wrap-up at the end is perfect: I loved who the character Pasquale Tursi was and became, and how true he stayed to himself. A real commentary on modern ethics with lots of tidbits from Hollywood, the music biz, and international locales. Written with sensitivity, sensuality and pathos, surprisingly realistic and fun, Beautiful Ruins is a great summer read.