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  • Jennifer Miller "Kaydence" - Very interestingAfter reading through Queen Bees and Wannabes and then having it in my high school classrooms, I had to take a look at Masterminds and Wingmen. My child is not nearly to this point yet, but it is interesting to see how some of my students fit within the categories that Wiseman lays out. I like the advice that she gives in dealing with teenagers in our current world. The online, video game obsessed world that we are currently in is not something that most of the parents of my students understand. Everyone escapes in one way or another, and I think that there are a lot of suggestions within this book that show those escaping techniques that adults may find being lazy or destructive. Overall, I enjoy the layout of the book, find it to be a simple read that allows people to think instead of telling exactly what to do, and also see that my students find it to be a good read as well. This isn't just for parents. The teens that are currently living their lives enjoy the psychological reflections of coping strategies within this book as well.
  • "" - VIVIDI am reading Diana G's books in order, thanks to this board. Claire and Jamie's story is outstanding. In this issue, she returns to the 1750's when she discovers Jamie is still alive there. The changes they have both been thru for the past 20 years are realistic and heart-wrenching. Every description is vivid and you feel tremendously throughout the whole book. Claire is now a doctor which comes in very handy for everyone. The humor and love between these two is so wonderful to read. They get into so much trouble you CANNOT put the book down until you see them safely out of it! :) I cannot believe how fast I read the first 3 and now will begin the fourth. I wish I could have my paychecks sent directly to my home instead of disturbing my reading flow! Enjoy!