La Piazza Allegra - Italian Restaurant | Hamilton, Ontario - La Piazza Allegra is an Italian Restaurant located in Hamilton, Ontario.

Country: North America, US, United States

City: 48917 Lansing, Michigan

  • Skeleton Keyed Leather - From a students' perspective...I read and finished this book relatively recently, and by recently I mean last night. Being a fifteen year old freshman in highschool the concept of parenting in this novel did not strike me immediately. As the boy and the man grew closer to the coast I was on the edge of suspense, wondering about the fathers' well being. Would he live? Would he pass? Then at the end of the book I felt the same emotions the boy had. All I wanted to do was run downstairs and wrap my arms around my own father.

    The following afternoon when I saw my father I told him I had finished "The Road", he simply asked me whether I thought the ending was appropriate for the overall book. Quite a different reaction from the last time I brought up this book. In January of 2011 when I told him I was reading "The Road" in class my father, a grown man in his 40's, began crying telling me about the man and boy. Little did I know that he had read the book and him and I had similar reactions. Once we had both finished my father came upstairs, re-tucked my brother and I in bed, and kissed us in our sleep; while I had just stayed in my room, wanting to run downstairs and hug the man who has raised me to carry the fire.
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  • matthew stillman "born and raised in book stacks" - become a philosopher of your own bodyWhile I suppose the book title is really a product of a marketing person ("People have back pain! Lets give 'em 8 easy steps! We'll sell millions!" it really doesn't do justice to what the book is really about. Fixing back pain is a byproduct of what Esther Gokhale tries to have us understand in her beautifully photographed and laid out book. Her main point seems to be that our experience of everyday pain in our bodies is a product of poorly designed modern world that despite its trappings of comfort actually makes us disconnected from and uncomfortable in our own bodies. She wants us all to reconnect to the natural strength and functionality of our bodies that have been lost. But the book hardly is a rant against the ills of modern society it takes a serious look at people from around the world who lead much more physically strenuous lives than most of us yet experience no physical pain anything like what the average desk jockey does.

    Gokhale doesn't want us to all live like the wandering Hunza people (for example) but she does admire and dissect the way that people around the world walk, stand, sit, lie down and carry things in a way that her simple methodology makes you understand that "standing up straight" doesn't mean puffing out your chest, arching your back and shrugging your shoulders into your ears. Gokhale offers a new vision for living in the modern world comfortably in our bodies by looking at the movement patterns of a world quite foreign to us by widening our understanding of movement, posture, body mechanics and physiology.

    The book is practical and simple and aesthetically pleasing and useful even if you just leaf through it. Ultimately you can gain even more by taking a workshop with her.
  • Law Student - Keep Hating on a CLASSIC! You probably would've hated Dickens or Billy Shakespeare in their time, too!I'm a little annoyed with the sarcastic, hate-filled 'reviewers' of this book. You all seem to think it's funny that some people would honestly like some expert advice on ways to avoid huge ships. What, you've never been traveling at a very, very slow speed straight toward something really, really big that you could see for miles and miles away, and wished you'd known what steps you could take to avoid crashing into it?

    Well, all I can say is CONGRATULATIONS! What's it like to be so perfect? You haters just keep on enjoying your huge-ship-collision-free little fantasies. I for one am going to buy this book and learn something, because I live in the real world, where huge ships and the dangers they present to people like me are actually a serious issue.