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  • Gustavo Arizpe - Even pros should read itSimple tips for everyone. And I mean everyone, even pros. Your videos will be better after you read only a few chapters of this book. It is remarkable how the author manages to make this an "evergreen" book. Doesn't matter which video technology or gadgets we have five of ten years from now, the advice in this book will still be useful.
  • Cseng8688 - LOVE MY CLEAR SKIN!!Hello, I am 24 years old and I have little acne since I was in high school. I never had severe acne but it was definitely clear to see that I had acne all over my face. In high school i tried pro-activ, that made my skin WORST. Then i decided to just try some over the counter drug store products. THAT didn't do ANYTHING. I just assumed I was always going to be there girl with acne. WRONG. After using "The Regimen" my skin has cleared significantly. I have ONE pimple thats been lingering for about a week but i know it'll go away. Other than that, my skin is clear as can be. The only problem I had was dryness, nothing major. After a little getting used to, my skin became softer. I reccommend exfoliating about 3 times a week to get that dry skin off. Hope the best for anyone else trying this product out for the first time. after year and years over hiding behind makeup, i no longer wear foundation, only concealer :)
  • C. Jacobs - Excellent Light Weight Cordless VacuumThis vacuum excels at keeping hard surface floors clean. We bought this to vacuum the kitchen, hallway and bathrooms, to dust blinds and furniture, and to clean out the cars. So far it has been excellent.

    The powered rotary brush head swivels and gets under toe kicks, kitchen chairs, beds, sofas, etc. It is OK on carpet (on the Max setting) but I would not recommend this as a primary vacuum for your home if you have lots of carpet. We have 4 dogs and vacuum the entire house at least once a day, and with this it is so much easier to suck up the dog hair from the tile surfaces 2 or 3 times a day. We mounted the docking station on the wall in the laundry room and it takes next to no time to grab the vacuum, do some cleaning, dump the bin and stick it back on the wall. The smaller powered head is great for upholstery and for cleaning out the car. The brush tool is great for the back of the TV set, keyboards, etc but only OK for blinds and furniture - I think we will be purchasing the dusting brush for that. the brush with the extension is good for getting light fixtures, air vents, etc up high.

    The vacuum is extremely light weight and ergonomically I find it very balanced and easy to handle. Some have complained that the button must be held down, but I see this as a good feature to have. Depending on what you're doing you may not want the vacuum to be constantly on. The vacuum is also very easy to clean and maintain. The rotary brush, for instance, is removable with a coin and easy to wash.

    This is not a replacement for a standard upright or canister vacuum. While it is very powerful for a cordless, it is not in the same league as a 110AC powered unit, but I don't think it is intended to be. Battery life seems to be quite good - we use this all the time and have never yet had an issue with battery life. The bin is small, but as we us it frequently this isn't really an issue. We can typically vacuum all the hard surfaces in the house and that fills it up. If we only vacuumed every other day however it would fill multiple times. The commercials that show the bin emptying upon pressing the latch are fantasy, however. It takes a finger or a stick to pull out things from the bin, but that's not really a problem for me. I suspect that if you didn't have pets and the primary think in the bin wasn't dog hair it would empty easier.

    When we originally received the unit it would randomly just turn off when in use. I contacted Dyson, and they initially diagnosed it as a loose connection with the wand, so they sent us a new one. This did not correct the issue, and upon further diagnosis they determined it was the main unit, probably the switch assembly, so they sent us one of those, and that fixed the problem. I cannot say enough good things about the level of customer service received from Dyson. They sent out the parts, with a return label for the old parts, no credit card required, no paying for freight etc.

    At $399, this vacuum is premium priced, no doubt. We got it on sale for $299 after Thanksgiving, but honestly I think its worth the $399. This is our 2nd Dyson vacuum - we also have the standard upright and we've had that for about 5 years. That vacuum is highly reliable and works just as well today as it did the day we got it, and doesn't have that "old vacuum" smell due to the fact you can take it mostly apart and clean all the parts. We made the purchasing decision for this vacuum based primarily on our satisfaction with our prior purchase. Highly recommended.
  • trevor576 - Traveling in comfort.I purchased this shirt for a road trip I was taking from California to New Orleans. I had read the reviews on Amazon and was impressed. I wanted a shirt that would help me fit in to the places I would be visiting, but I never could have anticipated the sense of security I felt as I wore the magic of this garment across the southwestern United States. I could feel the shirt react as I clicked mile after mile in my IROC Camaro. The shirt really responded as I went through Arizona, I am pretty confident that time travel began taking place near the AZ/NM border! It really grappled the respect I was looking for from the locals and fended off a potential encounter with some funny looking things in the sky just outside White Sands NM. This is a must have for any serious traveler. Before the shirt I would have never imagined myself with a mustache, but lately I can't stop thinking about how well a nice horseshoe mustache will compliment my wolves. Some people have commented that the shirt needs more wolves, I don't find this to be a problem at all. In fact 3 wolves is a perfect number in my opinion. I would rather have fully harnessed power from three wolves then the uncontrollable power of four or even five wolves! And of course there are the other "unmentioned benefits" that just become taken for granted with a shirt like this such as Wal Mart discounts and VIP privileges, double Marlbro miles and Camel points, and best of all backstage privileges to all Kansas concerts! I highly recommend this shirt!
  • J. P. Stevens - Taking back Faith from the American DreamDavid Platt wants you to take back your faith from the American Dream. American Christians are living under influence of the American dream to have more and better things. Platt, however, wants to call us a different dream, a dream that is Radical. He's not afraid to be upfront about it either.

    Platt begins with by questioning the reader's faith. He even says that he wants to show you how, despite your best intentions, have turned away from really following Jesus. Real discipleship (following Jesus) requires something of the disciple, and here in America, we're not giving what is required of us. We've lost sight of Jesus and follow after the American dream. But his question to the reader is whether or not Jesus is really worth it. Jesus calls us to come and die, to abandon our attachments to the things of this world, and turn our lives over to Christ. Platt argues to bring the reader back to that point.

    At times this can be a hard book to read, and I think it is harder for those who lived longer in pursuit of the American dream. Platt describes some of his encounters with church leaders and Christians who have told him that they are glad that he has gone into the inner city and around the world so that they didn't have to. This seems extreme, but there are many of us who, although we won't say it, live like this. We want others to go around the world and into the tough places with the good news so that we don't have to. That's not, however, the call of Christian discipleship. Platt writes Radical to remind us that the dream of God is not two cars, three children, and a house with a picket fence, but instead the dream of God is for all people to hear his gospel of love and salvation. And this dream does not just happen, it happens because God's people answer the call of to go and preach the good news.

    This is one of two books I have read by David Platt. He writes passionately and honestly. Both of these make his books interesting and convicting. His call is an heartfelt and honest call to get off our couch, turn off the TV, and go do something for God. Radical has changed my view of what a Christian does and how they live. There were times when I got frustrated and thought that he was just another person guilting me into being a missionary, but in his conclusion he makes attainable goals for any person. He doesn't ask you to move out of the country, but instead to give at least a week of your time outside your culture and to give part of your offering to spread the gospel. I would recommend this to anyone. It's an easy read and hopefully it will change the way you live your life.

    I received this book free from Waterbrook Multnomah's book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.