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  • witzend "lp" - Really GoodIts really easy to Its really easy to use! I worked with the very first Roxio, the makers of LivPix when it first came out. Now there has NEVER been a program since LivPix that has worked as well for editing pictures. It was the VERY BEST. The first Roxio program was simple and easy to use. Now they've came out with this pro version and the slide show is awesome to use.
  • Rhonda Kennedy - SolidMust have for medical students who want to ace the step 1 exam. Good reviews for each basics science and it is a good review while in your blocks
  • Deanna M. Lococo "Life is a Verb!" - ASLAN DOES IT AGAINThis is a great mind, beautifully trained and able to execute so powerfully. Aslan takes the long known research from here and there and pulls it all together to give clarity today. I give thanks for that clarity as it assists me in my teaching others, helping them find different perspective, to separate dogma from noetic and to rest more easily in the whole manner of things in our world and universe.
  • mckinneysooner "mckinneysooner" - Outstanding Phone Hands Down Best in MarketI love my new Nokia Lumina 920 Yellow phone! It integrates perfectly with work (E-Mail, Calendar, Lync, SkyDrive,Office, etc.) and my personal life. The user experience is fluid and easy to learn. The People Hub brings all my friends, contacts, and family into an easy to follow area where through one live tile I can drill down to see my wall on facebook, updates on linkedin, etc. All of my family also got a Nokia Lumina 920 phone which includes my wife and three boys. Everyone finds it easy to use. XBOX music gives you unlimited free music for our family members by upgrading our XBOX Live family account. I have used XBOX Smartglass on my phone to control the XBOX we use for our home entertainment center using my phone to bring up playlists, Netflix, etc. We have tons of app's we have downloaded missing very view games and a few other capabilities teenagers love. You can take a snapshot of your screen on the Windows 8 phone. Nokia Drive is excellent along with the other Nokia app's. I find the one step upload of pictures to Facebook super simple. Take picture click share type message and it is posted. Don't have to open any app's to do these basic tasks. The twitter app Rowi works great. The screen resolution is excellent I do not need my reading glasses to read info on my phone. The camera works as good as my digital camera and I have it set up to upload my pictures to SkyDrive automatically. I can log on with my Windows Live ID on any device Computer, Tablet, or phone and see my SkyDrive content. I also love the wireless charging. When my phone needs charging (ever other day) I set it on my wireless charging plate and it charges. Once you use wireless charging you will never want to go without it.

    Good luck in making your choices there is more than enough good feedback on this phone to show it is a no brainer that this is the best phone out on the market right now. Windows 8 phone is a fantastic operating system. I have purchased a Windows 8 Surface (multiple for family and my parents) and we have upgraded our non-touch enabled PC to Windows 8. Thank you Microsoft for the innovation and market leading solutions you are providing. It is only going to get better with the seamless integration of my work and personal life with future releases of your software. Thank you Nokia for bringing your high quality engineering and design work to the Windows 8 platform. I think the Nokia and Microsoft partnership is brilliant!
  • Margaret Dybala "too many books, too little time" - So white! So milky!At last! I had long heard the legend of Tuscan Milk, but thought it improbable that I would actually have the opportunity to purchase it. I live on the Gulf Coast, and the cost to have it shipped was prohibitive, not to mention the potential state of the milk upon arrival!

    But last week I made an unexpected trip to New York City. And there, there, sitting, unsuspected by me, was a jug (or, as they cutely put it, a chug) of Tuscan Milk in the Deli I frequented.

    O frabjous day! I must say I enjoyed every sip. There are many humorous (and attempts at such) reviews on this site, but here is the truth: Tuscan Milk was cold, milky, and yummy. It was the perfect drink for my quick lunch!

    If only they sold here in Texas, I'd buy it all the time!

    Thank you Tuscan Milk for making my trip to NYC lovely!