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  • J. Clifton - Easy and Cheap (with a BB&B nearby)Got one of these for my birthday and I am in love. Before I would make special trips to the store to stock up on Diet Coke/Orange/Sprite etc drinks. It was simply too heavy to buy with my normal grocery shopping. Now, with the flavor bottles, I can get 18 "2 liters" worth of drinks for around $10. I use the 5 off 15 bed bath and beyond coupons at the store and pick up 3 flavors for $10. The refill on the carbonater there is also $15 which I use another 5 off 15 coupon so its $10. So basically 1 2l worth of drink with this machin costs me 88cents and takes a LOT less space in my house. Plus you get to choose which flavor you want.

    Before I was buying cheap knockoff diet cokes at around $1 each, this saves me a little money, but the big thing is not having to lug around 2l bottles or cans and having a choice of flavors for me :)

    Would highly recommend this to people who drink a lot of carbonated stuff .
  • Darren Gatewood - Good film, a little different from the usual fare.I really enjoyed this film. They did an interesting job of combining a modern criminal investigation / medical view of the world with the classic, martial arts chi-energy we're used to the films of the genre.
  • Tom Lehman "Tom" - Works like a charmWhat's not to like? Plug it in, enter your wireless password, link it to your netflix and amazon accounts and presto, it works. I believe the picture quality is better than my cable. I know it is easier to navigate and use. The remote is compact and doesn't require line of sight so no more of that pointing around something on the table. It is a simple, elegant device that does just exactly what is claims. I love it.

    Some people reported it freezing up and having to reboot. I had that happen once and I never could figure out what had happened. I unplug and plugged it back. Hasn't happened again.