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  • Smart Consumer - Great sound at great price!Wanted good bass for my new 60" HDTV, but didn't want to spend too much. That's until I saw this one - respected brand, good reviews & I thought I'd give it a shot.

    This is a well built handsome unit. Not very large, but pack an impressive performance for its size. Definitely makes a big difference when watching movies ... the bass makes the sound (& the movie) come alive!

    I connected this unit to a 'Switched' AC outlet on my home theater system, so it turns ON only when I'm watching TV.

    Great Buy at this price.
  • Samantha - I love this tablet!!I compared many tablets in my price range and once I settled on the Tab 2 it did not disappoint. My boyfriend has an I-pad 3 and while his is a little but better, it's a excellent tablet for the price. I'm very happy with it and enjoy it eveyday. My boyfriend even likes it (cuz of course he checked it out once I got it.)Thanks very much!!
  • David Wolstenholm - Great storyThis book is put together very well with plenty of research done behind it. The way the stories are written draws the reader in. The book is quiet lengthy but it's good read for a rainy day or take your time reading a chapter or two a day. If you love mystery or history books then this is the book for you.
  • Medusa1 - THE BEST ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE I HAVE EVER USED!!!!Norton 360 Premier is THE best! It tunes up your PC, does regular scans/removals of threats & offers 25GB's of backup storage! I fell in love with it for the first time 2 yrs back when I got a free 30-day trial of it from the norton-symantec website. You will love it from go, glad I tried it..Won't ever buy a different anti-virus program! :) GO NORTON 360!!
  • Laura Pipkin Kramer - A game changerEveryone has his/her own special needs, but this book has been a game changer. After struggling with gluten-intolerance, and the denial of it for years, the ensuing damage was not reversed just following a gluten-free diet. Since starting this strict but effective diet, I have experienced a 180! No more ADD, no more thyroid dysfunction, amped energy, and most significantly, no more anxiety-fed depression. The program is not easy, but it is oh! so worth it! Certainly worth trying to see if positive results occur. Thank goodness for people inspired to share knowledge!