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  • PattysKiss "PattysKiss Book Reviews on Youtube" - Every Women Should Lean In even if they want to fall back!I enjoyed this book a lot. Lean In has the flare of a biography, a lot of moments of being a self help book, with the power of being a full fledge feminist manifesto.

    But ,I would describe it mostly as a call of action to society who continues to undermine, underpay and under value the contribution that women bring to the workplace and to those who are afraid to disrupt the status quo.

    A call of action to women- to Lean In even if they want to fall back in order to move up.

    Many have criticize this book as blah blah from the elitist Harvard graduate whose degree entitled her to better career opportunities. My response to that is so what? Yes Harvard can open the door (We all know that )but it is still up to the woman to step in and have what it takes to stay.

    So don't dismiss this book as just another over privileged , elitist talking , read it and you will see that many points will resonate.

    For my full video review and other book reviews please visit PattysKiss on Youtube.

  • WakkyWabbit - Great small referenceIn my opinion, this is the best small drug reference available. Everyone that looks at my Scutmonkey wants one. It is much better than Tarascon. Although I carry Tarascon in my back pocket, I wish it was Scutmonkey. I wish someone could fit all the info in Scutmonkey into the book the size of the small Tarascon. That would be great.

    Scutmonkey is a nice size for a lab coat. It will fit in the back pocket of scrubs but it is a lot heavier and bigger than Tarascon. If I carry Scutmonkey around, someone is always yelling at me to "pull my pants up." I feel like one of them homely rapper people.
  • andrea - Great Product!I have been using this product for five years, and not consistently. When I run out I sometimes use other products in its' place.
    My skin without it looks duller. My skin with it is brighter and clearer, and feels well moisturized. My suggestion for best results is to use it sparingly ,otherwise if you apply makeup afterward, you may notice the skin feels too moist. That is why I say to use sparingly, and to wait at least 15" after applying to put on your makeup. Overall I think this is one of the best moisturizers I've ever used.It is worth a try. For me it is a 5star. It smells nice too.
  • "guitarboy1988" - An Essential for Every Rock Enthusiast's collectionThis is a truly great album, though by Pink Floyd standards, I consider it to be their third best (1. Dark Side of the Moon, 2. Wish You Were Here). The reason I rate them ahead of the Wall is because they are musically more interesting. However, what makes The Wall stand out is the lyrics, which take Wish You Were here, and to a certain degree, the Dark Side of the Moon to the back of a tool shed with a big wooden paddle. My first experiences with this album were when I was an infant, and I used to go to sleep listening to this music. I loved it then, and I love it now. The first song, In The Flesh?, starts of with subtlety, until you hear the resounding crash and the first power chord. Then you hear track 2: The Thin Ice, which is one of my favorite tracks on the album. The lyrics are deceptively dark, but the music is just divine. Then we go on to the Another Brick in The Wall Part 1-->The Happiest Days of our Lives-->Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 sequence, which I think is mediocre compared to the rest of the album, though it's probably the most famous work Pink Floyd has done. Then we go on to Mother, which has the best lyrics in the album. After hearing this song, it's easy to realize that Roger Waters, who wrote this album, was a little bit crazy. I probably have to cut short this review, for it would probably end up being too long if I kept going at this rate. My point is this: Buy this album! You will not be disappointed!
  • Bobby D. - Mostly Irresistible!This is a book that is charming, inventive and offers a tip of the hat to those who enjoy movies, movie stars, and Italy. It is a multi-character story that takes place over 50 years and opens as an Italian innkeeper who runs a backwater hotel on the forgotten village along the Cinque Terre coast. (The hotel has a great name, The Hotel Adequate View.) The innkeeper is working on repairing his non-repairable beach when he looks up and sees a beautiful American woman walking towards him from out of the sea. We soon learn she is on a secret trip attempting to get away from the film she is working on in Rome, which is Cleopatra staring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. This is really all you need to know as I prefer you discover all the various plot twists for yourself.

    Walter is a master at time travel as the book has many flashbacks and tangents and different character perspectives that all come together largely by the most unlikely of coincidences. Normally I would just give up on a book that relies so much on coincidence to make the story work. But here they are part of the entertainment so you do indeed fall under there spell. You know something is going to happen and some surprise awaits you within almost every chapter and you just smile, laugh and enjoy. This is really the most entertaining novel I have read in some time. Why? Well it is so well written and fun that it is mostly irresistible.