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  • N. Lusted - Seriously...I will start this off by saying that this is a great game; it's fun, creative, and a tad addictive. From cells to ships you grow your creature into the dominate species of the galaxy. So why so many bad reviews? Seriously?

    Almost all of the complaints for this game are about DRM. So people are giving an excellent game a bad review because you can't install it on every computer on the block? Huh... I don't think that people should miss out on a fun, innovative game because they can't reinstall it 12 times. Yes, it is a pain and a bit insulting that EA thinks so cautiously of their customers that they have to keep tabs on game installs; but it is no reason not to buy a good game! I'm sure EA will come to their senses someday, but untill then, you just have to accept some games will have their restrictions.

    Another handful of complaints hurling around this website are that "the game isn't as innovative and next-gen as was promised." There seems to be a fatal flaw among hardcore gamers these days. They seem to think that every new game has to be unbelievably amazing and perfect down to the last detail. They all seem to forget that it's still a VIDEOGAME. There are just some little nuisanses that have to be thrown into videogames to make them playable. There are limit's that have to be kept to keep the game ballanced and fair. Things like making the different parts have different traits and levels, is one of those little niusanses that you have to deal with. If they didn't have these, you would blast through the game in 10 minutes with no challenge at all. And some people complain "the game isn't deep enough;" I will admit it's not as deep as it could have been, but there is the question of fitting all of this into a videogame that runs through five competely different stages (essentially five different games). The reason Spore's Civilization Stage isn't as good as, let's say, Civilization 4, is because Civ4 only has to focus on civilization building. Spore has to focus on that, and four other completely different stages. All crammed into one game! Of course it won't compare to a game purely about building an empire, but overall the game is perfectly fine. If you just accept it for what it is, instead of complaining about what it's not, you will have a good time creating a species and conquering the galaxy.

    Overall, this is an excellent game, a little simple at times, but a good game all around, especially considering you basically get 5 games in one. Maybe some gamers will despise Spore for it's simplicity, but for everyone else, give it a go. You'll most likely enjoy exploring the universe with whatever monster you can create. If you ignore all the weak complaints and just try the game, I'm sure you'll have a good time.
  • sem8 - Clear informationNewly pregnant and unimpressed by the initial diet information I got from my doctor, I was starting to feel like I would have to go and read all the medical studies myself. Knowing that I would be too lazy to do that, I was starting to make my own rules that worked for me. Thankfully, I heard Emily Oster's interview on the radio last week and learned that she has basically done all the heavy lifting for me and packaged it in this nice, easy to read, and entertaining book.

    I wasn't really excited about the prospect of reading pregnancy books in general, but made an exception for this one and am so glad I did. I will be buying this book for every friend who becomes pregnant.

    Thank you, Emily Oster!
  • Amar Rhom - All I NeededSo, I got a thing from Norton saying that it was soon time to renew and they wanted like $80 freaking bucks. I am so pleased that I was able to just buy the stupid key for $25 which of course is way cheaper. I also had the option of downloading the software as well but I already have this installed on my laptop and 2 PC's so I just needed a key to keep using it. I recommend going this route if you can and don't care about having a disk.
  • julissa altamirano - Life changing bookI had the opportunity to read 1 chapter in Get the Guy. I immediately ordered the book with one day shipping. After just reading one chapter of the book I already have 2 dates set up in the next week compared to none in the past year. I am confident that by the time I finish the book I will have "gotten the guy". This book is truly transforming and I recommend it to every women who desires to be or is in a relationship.