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  • Urban Momma - Better than a regular highchair!We got this to bring with us to out to dinner and when we go to family events. We got the Teak which is dark taupe/light blue color. It's true to color, great quality, love how easy it is to remove from the frame to wash. I researched tons of highchairs like this and couldn't be happier with it.
    -It fits most tables
    -Little one can sit at the table with you
    -Nice pocket on the back of the chair to stow spoon, bib, food, toys or wipes
    -Has a carry bag sewn into the bottom, through an almost hidden pocket, easy to stuff carry bag into pocket to keep out of the way when attached to table
    -Bottom half of chair arms articulate inwards so that chair folds flat (about 3-4" wide when folded)
    -Seat area has nice padding, and firm board undernieth to provide solid support
    -There are adjustable straps sewn into the back that come around little ones sides and buckles in the front to hold your little guy/gal in tightly even if you have a little skinny infant
    -Seat buckle is covered by velcro to keep out of reach of tiny curious fingers
    -Cover can be unsnapped and washed!
    -Easy to put on table
    -Folds fairly flat and is lightweight

    -There is a 1" gap between the table and bar that holds baby in, food, spoons and toys can slip between and fall on the floor. Using a bib with acatching pocket on the bottom works well to help avoid this
    -The knobs undernieth that tighten twist opposite to what you are used to ("Righty tighty" and "Lefty Loosey" don't work) so the first couple of times I was tightening it instead of loosening it, but figured it out quick enough
    -Carry bag has drawstring on the edge, but wish it had a strap you could put over your shoulder. Small disadvantage.

    Overall it is an EXCELLENT chair and I highly recommend it. Our son enjoys it!
  • Stacy - Changed my life.As a long time IBS-D sufferer, I've tried diet modifications, probiotics (yakult, good belly, etc), and medications (immodium, pepto bismol) to treat my symptoms. Then I heard about this particular probiotic from the show Food Hospital. About 1 week after starting the Align, my IBS-D was almost completely resolved. The daily symptoms I experienced literally stopped. I've been taking it for about 3 months now, and I've had only about 3 not-so-great tummy days during that entire time. I can't speak for everyone, as my mom tried Align for her digestive issues and noticed no difference. But for me, I've got a normal life again without popping pepto every few hours and constantly worrying where the bathroom is when I go out. Highly, highly recommended!