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  • Margaret H. Paget - A genuine contribution to feminist dialogueI am a middle-aged female lawyer and this book has motivated me to take some big healthy risks for myself and for my daughters. So much that Sandberg has to say resonates with me. I especially enjoyed the mix of personal anecdote, humor, and cold, hard fact about women (and men) and our professional lives. This book is a catalyst for all of us to examine how we treat women and men and how both women and men (and our children) can live more productive, satisfying lives. Sandberg is now one of my heroes!
  • soothesayer "soothesayer" - Great reader and online tablet!I got this for my husband as a gift and he loooooves it. First of all, my husband is not a big internet nut. He doesn't generally do much cybershopping or phishing around, but once he got this convenient tablet he couldn't help himself and has had a blast watching films, surfing the internet, and reading his kindle books. The colors are extraordinary on this tablet! My friend has a Nook, and the colors on the Nook don't even compare to the Kindle Fire in intensity and brilliance. The anti-glare screen is an additional plus and something well worth having at your fingertips. I highly recommend this reader due to its many user-friendly qualities and outstanding HD picture.
  • Dennis Meek - Great for Mixed, Mac and WIndows, EnvironmentNormally I don't get all that excited about an external hard drive however, I've been surprised by how much I like this drive. Most of the computers on our network are Mac's and for some strange reason network routers and external hard drive rarely make previsions for Mac support. The Seagate Backup Plus is different it's ready to go on for use with a Mac out of the box.

    -The NTFS file system that is on the drive can be used interchangeability with Mac or Windows at the same time. If you have a mixed computer environment like I do you will be exceptionally happy with this drive.
    -Fast USB connection (USB 3.0)
    -Easy Setup
    -Thunderbolt compatible
    -7200 RPM Drive
    -Software suite that comes with the product is Social Media friendly. It will allow you to upload an entire album, if you wish, to a Social Network site with just a couple of clicks. I decided to not use the software because I didn't have need for uploading to sites but I wanted to test the function.
    - Large capacity. Nice Time Machine or Media repository.
    -Transfer speed. I was able to copy my old laptops 256 GB hard drive (full) to this drive in less than an hour over USB 3.0. I'd like to try it with Thunderbolt but the cable is pricy at this point.

    -Upgrade to Thunderbolt is pricy
    -Software suite while good is a little flaky but nothing that can't be worked around.
  • Delld - Norton Internet SecurityPurchased Norton Internet Security from Amazon as my previous subscription had expired. Downloaded and didn't install new product, just simply inserted new license key in the all ready installed version and it reactivated it for another year. The only thing is, if you still have time on your old subscription, you will lose it. It only renews for one year. There fore, wait till your old one is almost expired and you won't loose that many days. It was much cheaper than renewing through Norton. It worked on all three PCs I am using it on. I will do this again next year.