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  • MMRead - Best story I've read in awhile!This is a great love story that intertwines the lives of very different people over a period of 50 years. As each chapter jumps around between different characters and eras, the connections between them are wonderfully put together. Has me wanting to read more by this author while on a trip to Italy!
  • Peter Jay Gould - Change your diet = save your lifeOne night in 1977 I awoke with what I thought at the time was a bad case of stomach flu -- only it never went away. For the next twenty years I lived with nausea, diarrhea and a host of other unpleasant symptoms that got steadily worse as one physician after another threw up their hands saying they couldn't find anything wrong. By 1997 I was barely able to function. I had given up on conventional medicine (which had labeled my problem "irritable bowel syndrome" which translates to "sorry mate, this is the rest of your life") and had tried every self-help book and every branch of alternative medicine I could think of without success. In the intervening time my problem had expanded to include severe motion sickness: I had to give up my private pilot's license; commercial air travel was agony, even with medication; I couldn't even ride on a train or bus. And I could never be farther than about two minutes' dash from a bathroom.Enter "Breaking The Vicious Cycle." As others have commented here, it looked daunting at the outset: a complete dietary change involving lots of preparation. But I was desperate, so I did it. Within one week, my symptoms were under control. Within a month, they were nearly gone. Now, a year and a half later, I have my life back.I won't say it's easy to change your diet this fundamentally, at least at the outset. But after you've done it -- and after you feel GREAT again -- you find two things: (1) it's worth it; and (2) it's not NEARLY as difficult as it seems when you haven't done it yet.THANK YOU ELAINE GOTTSCHALL. I have no idea what kind of shape I'd be in today without you. But considering where I was headed -- it wouldn't be pretty.
  • Adam C. Murtland "srvwannabe" - Amazing concert! How to improve video quality: Lower blacks on TV!The best yet! I love all the Crossroads videos. They're always the best collection of blues players gathered in one place. This one features so many of my favorite artists!!

    **TIP** I've seen several reviewers remark about the video quality on this Blu-Ray. There definitely is too much digital pattern noise in the shadow regions of the video. BUT if you can adjust your picture settings of your TV, set it to the "Movie" setting or any setting that lowers the black levels. That got rid of the issue for me and made the video a joy to watch!!
  • Diablos Dobles - Great Product at the priceGreat product at a low price! We took advantage of the Autocad upgrade rebate, so total cost was below $500.

    Product was delivered on time. The package was sealed, however it was missing the DVD. So I downloaded the software from Autocad and used the activation info from the DVD box. Contacted Autocad, new DVD is on its way.

    Was up and running in less than an hour, that includes the time to download a 740mb file from Autocad.
  • AwesomeSauce ""Matt"" - a good buyClassic Floyd experience. Most of the album makes chronoligical, evolutionary, etc sense- its a mixture of wish you were here and the wall for floyd fans. Roger does all the singing, but the lyrics are top notch as usual. Gilmour shredds on the guitar on dogs and pigs. Wright doesn't get a lot of airtime but he does have a jazzy keyboard solo on sheep.

    Albumwise it's actually my favorite of Floyd's, but thats not because it has my ultimate favorite songs (Numb, Time), its because the flow of the music and the power of the words are better than all the other albums.

    Things I might recommend to improve the album-
    read Animal Farm (it's what the book is based off of)
    and listen to it loud

    The only bad things I've experienced is that the album flows so well that it feels very short. While there are 17 minute songs it still flies by too fast.

    That's it. Go buy it