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  • Penmouse - Preliminary review updated Oct 17UPDATE October 17: Started playing with this program and have discovered I have a lot to learn. I have also discovered this program is very intuitive as it seems to use the familiar Mac interface meaning it will be easier to learn AutoCAD. So far very pleased with ease of use.


    This is a preliminary review as we are waiting for more memory. Did not realize that I would need a memory upgrade for the program when I saw this listed in the Vine newsletter. I also discovered you will need to work with a newer Mac in order for this software to operate correctly.

    As to the program, based on documentation, it will take a bit of time to learn how to use the program. I will update this review once I get to have fun playing with AutoCAD.
  • Rita Reader "Lea" - One awesome pad for your little one to get started on!I got this for my little Grandbaby of my heart. He loves it! His brother just got an Iphone so now this kind of evens things out. He is crazy about Monsters Inc and the University, so he is very happy with all of the Disney aspects of it. The great things are that he can personalize it and it comes with a card where he can download some games. Now, his Mom did mention she wished the eBooks were not so expensive as the hardback book, and with children's books especially you can see her point, but that was her only beef. That is a whole other story as many publishers are learning hopefully that is not the way to go. The cost of the books was the only reason this did not get a five star in that area too. This is very educational and for once Mom does feel like he is at least learning something when he uses it. And anytime you can sneak learning in on kids the fun way, everybody wins. The cover makes it very durable and not vulnerable to breakage which, lets face it comes part and partial to nine year old boys. I would highly recommend this Leapad2 to any parent. Tech stuff is here to stay and this is an ideal beginner tablet for little ones.
  • kristy156 - My mom loves this sewing machineMy mom loves sewing and has made a career out of it. She had been using machines that were out dated and took too long to do anything with, so for her birthday I thought it was time she got an upgrade. This sewing machine offers easy features that allow for faster stitching and memorized needle speeds, a digital led screen for easy navigation, 50 built in stitches and an incredible warranty. There is however an even better one out there. It is the Singer Futura computerized sewing and embroidery machine. It's a definite upgrade to any machine.It offers over 125 built in embroidery designs, 30 built in stitches, you can create your own designs from your computer and then automatically upload them to your sewing machine and so much more. It is worth the price for sure. If you love sewing and embroidering, this is the machine for you hands down.