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  • J. Huang - Used for 1 month, best phone everI have been using Lumia 920 for a month now. This is the best phone ever. I was an iPhone user and did not find any inconvenience of switching. Many people complain about number of Apps. But I do not find that is the problem for me. I frequently use Nokia Map, Nokia Drive (still in beta), some games (Black Jack). They are all good Apps. So far, no rebooting. WP8 is very fast and I got job done.

    Camera is superb and better than my Cannon. We just came back from a Cruise trip from Bahamas and use my phone shot many videos.

    There is a learning curve though. But regular users should pick up within two weeks. Trust me, if I can learn how to use it, everybody can.

    Price is a steal. You will never get this price for the next version because both hardware and software are maturing. The only reason you can get this low price is because not many people know WP8.

    Give it a try and you will feel it worth your money!
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