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  • Stephanie L. Churchill, LMFT - Every woman needs to read this!I have been a fan of Michele Weiner-Davis since my early days as a Marriage & Family Therapist. Divorce Busting and Change Your Life and Everyone In It are standard assignments in my private practice. I can't believe it took me so long to discover this title, but every woman who had read it has reported improved communication and greater intimacy in her marriage/relationship. Read this! You will thank me!
  • brookefroman - believer!!I recently attended a body by vi party. At this party I met a man named Sean and he told everyone his story. He started body by vi for many reasons,
    1. lose weight
    2. health reasons
    3. live a long life
    he weighed over 300 pounds when he started the shakes. he went to the doctor because he was experiencing unusual headaches. to his surprise the headaches were the least of his problems. his cholesterol and blood pressure were through the roof! his doctor told him if he didn't change his lifestyle he estimated he would die in the next 5 years. Definitely a scary thought to a 35yr old father of two. After the not great results of medication and dieting he decided to try body by visalus.
    He has been doing the transformation kit for 6 months and has lost 100 pounds!! cholesterol and blood pressure regular. he started to workout about 4 months into his shakes. he is walking proof that these shakes really work. He is an inspiration to many people in our area.
    trust me I'm always a skeptic when it comes to things like this. I just ordered my shakes and I'm excited to start my healthy journey!
  • Jewelry Lover "me" - GREAT SAT study guideBecause the Kaplan courses cost around $1200 these days, this a very economical alternative. It requires your student to sit down and go through the book cover to cover, but the cd gives them an actual simulation of the computerized test. The strategies are great and the math section is very comprehensive. I'd highly recommend this for any student willing to put in the work and learn how to take the test. It's my experience that if you practice, you'll score 15-20% higher on the exam.
    Go for it!