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  • Scott - Very Pleased with the Wifi BabyAfter much research and reading many reviews of baby monitors, including the reviews here at Amazon, I finally decided on purchasing two Wifi Baby 2.0 monitors. They came promptly and all the parts were present. The instructions were clear enough, but I am not a technical person. Out of caution as much as anything I went to the Wifi Baby website and filled out the form asking for help. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call a short time later from the company.

    The help I received from Wifi Baby was pleasant, complete and highly detailed. And did I mention pleasant? In clear American English. And free. It was some of the best customer support I have ever received from any company. I can now see and hear my baby's room with great clarity in light or darkness, whether from within my home or remotely.

    I took awhile convincing myself to try something that would require an internet setup rather than the work-out-of-the-box systems sold at baby stores. But being able to check in when I am not home was very attractive to me. I'm glad I tried it.
  • Joe C "likes to read" - truth is much stranger then fictionStrange book that seems too way out to be true. Except, these same things are written about in scientific and medical journals. And again, these same stories of hidden agendas come from other writers and other time periods. All of them are saying there is some hidden agenda working for the enslavement or destruction of the human race.
  • Michele Lettiere - Must have for sweaty gymnastMy daughter has extremely sweaty hands and feet. It's typically not a problem until she's feeling stressed during competitive gymnastics, which is exactly when she can't afford to be sweaty (think balance beam, bars and vault table). Tried every natural solution out there. None work as well as SweatBlock.