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  • Rose E. Brophy - necessary information to haveI really liked the book. I think it gave me necessary and complete
    information that I can use myself and relay onto my family. It is a great book to have and follow for a healthier and more productive life. I am using the information and am doing great. thanks so much.
    Rose Brophy
  • V. Palomera - Does the JobI have been using this product every other month or so for the past 2 yrs. I know some people have rated that it is no good, my experience with this product has been great. I take the pills in the morning and before bed as directed and I do not feel bloated as i would when i do not take the pill. Sure when you first begin taking them you are going to feel weird, by weird i mean upset stomach and possibly (depending on the person) diarrhea. People have to understand it's meant to CLEANSE it is not a magical pill, you do have to do some exercise and drink plenty water to see results. Also good when taken with the fat burner. Hope this helps possible purchasers.