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  • avanticat - Skeptical, but proven wrong...When I saw the advertisement on t.v. I thought, Oh right...another easy fix they make it sound. I decided that I had nothing to lose, especially as they guaranteed it, with a money back upon completion. I was very impressed. The disks and the workbook gave me exact things to say and how to react to specific situations. I wrote many notes in the workbook so I can easily go back anytime to see my thoughts and their suggestions for a refresher. A few of the examples didn't seem to work, but there were always alternative ways for dealing with different issues. I found myself being able to walk away from confrontation with my children instead of staying there and arguing and yelling at them, or trying to justify myself. This really works so much better, and they have time to also think of how they spoke to me, and many times I've gotten apologies afterwards. You do have to keep using these techniques over and over to make it come more easily in a hostile environment, but it sure makes a huge difference when you do. The program is in very easy to understand language and suggestions are plentiful. If you have behavior issues with your children and would like to make a change in how they are handled, I would highly suggest giving this program a shot. I'm so glad I did.
  • Elizabeth Cardona, USA Army - Can't be without it!I am studying for a laboratory specialist in the US Army now. While growing up, my mother many times cured me with this book ...this was our family doctor we have a very old copy and I am so happy to find this again... I have learned so much in this book and must say that this book is extremly valuable.
  • Gary L Brewer - Outstanding book for beginnersThis book uses plain English to explain behind the scenes concepts of how movies are made. There was no equipment-talk, no jargon, and no acronyms (except to make fun of acronyms). As an absolute novice, I had never made a video, beyond shooting random footage with a digital camera. My wife got a camcorder for Christmas, and showed little interest in it. When my son was going to be participating in a ceremony, I wanted to record it, but had no clue of how to make a decent video. I found this book at the library, read it multiple times, and was both educated AND inspired. Now I have all sorts of videos planned. I'll never make it to the Oscars, but I do have a life-enriching new hobby. The library finally wanted their book back, so I had to BUY my own copy - which I rarely do.

    In that people are often more in need of being reminded than instructed, I'm sure that more experienced amateurs would also get a lot out of it.