Medicaid Drug Therapy Management Program for Behavioral Health - Medicaid Drug Therapy Management Program for Behavioral Health

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  • Beanaford - Wonderfully poignant & beautifulLike thousands of others, i chanced on HONY's Facebook page thanks to a photo shared by a friend. I've been an avid follower ever since. If I ever miss a couple of days, i'd scroll back and go through all the photos, making sure to read the captions, which somehow are so appropriate, but yet so concise.

    Though i'm not usually the type to pre-order pretty much anything, i did pre-order this gem. Got it last night and spent all of this morning, unboxing it, and then flipping through, page by page over a cup of coffee. The satisfaction and pleasure that comes from scrolling through a Facebook page, was not lost in the creation of this beautiful book. From cover to cover, and everything in between, portraits of New York's uniqueness and oneness, in photos, many which i'd never seen before, are highlighted in full, vibrant color, with the key quotes that made HONY so uniquely delightful. I giggled, and felt a bit teary, and ultimately finished the book, feeling bizarrely happy.

    One of my favorite mornings of recent memory.

    This man inspired a global movement. Check out Humans of Karachi, Humans of Paris, etc. etc., and you'll see so many who have been inspired by Brandon Stanton. For good reason.

    He makes you feel the glow of New York.
  • Luke P. Hopton - It WorksThera Breath does just as it claims. Bad breath is gone immediately after using it. Does not last all day unfortunately but nothing is perfect. tastes fine, although there is a slight after taste eat or drink something and you wont notice it. if you are waiting for the miracle pill its never going to come. This is definetely the best thing out there that i have found. The Bottles will last a long time, money well spent.
  • kjc2001 - It worked for me!I received a free sample of this product from and kept in my medicine drawer for a future use as I do not get cold sores often. When I do, they last at least 1-2 weeks and are sometimes painful. In the past I have used Abreva and the sore still lasted 1-2 weeks using the product constantly.
    I was able to use this product the other night as I saw a small sore pop up and while I am not 100% sure it was a true cold sore coming on it sure felt like one so I broke open the vile and applied it like noted on the instructions. The next morning it was GONE!

    I would highly recommend this product for your cold sores. I will be buying this in the future!
  • Maryanne Laird - Real 9information and advice-no nonsense, no fluffMatthew Hussey provides real information and real advice with specific, practical information on how to successfully relate to the male in your life or the male you want in your life. No nonsense, no fluff, no cutesy filler-real, serious information anyone can follow. If you haven't read or heard Matthew as yet, do so as soon as you can-you won't be sorry.