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  • The Lone Wolf - Story of the Lone WolfIt was a black and cold night. The moon was full and there I was, sitting in the moon light wearing my Wolf shirt. The nightly breeze gave me a howling energy to go find the ladies. This shirt rocks!!!!!! I can wait until they come out with the sequel Wolf shirt. Maybe I can send it to South Korea for the Kunsan AB commander? I wonder?????????
  • Elizabeth Cardona, USA Army - Can't be without it!I am studying for a laboratory specialist in the US Army now. While growing up, my mother many times cured me with this book ...this was our family doctor we have a very old copy and I am so happy to find this again... I have learned so much in this book and must say that this book is extremly valuable.
  • barb prall - The Artist's WayI have been a full time artist almost 35 years. I earn all of my income from my art. I belieive God guides me as I paint and create. That is true for all of us if we just ask for guideness. I believe this book will help me practice that more and more. I am planning on great improvement in my art as I go through this book. I am on week one of the Artist Way, I know as I continue to do the exercises I will see a Great improvements in my art and my live. We must commit to compleating all of the exercises. What do we have to loose? Only 1/2 hour a day. We all waste that much. Make it fun.