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  • E. Maalouf "Sacramento, CA" - Tachyoninc cameraThis camera has great video quality. It is very rugged and terrific underwater. Great camera for the price and application.
    Two things to consider before buying are: Microphone/audio recording and additonal mounts for baseball cap, or headband of some sort.
    The microphone is un-useable if you are trying to record a conversation, the rear cover on the camera will have to be left open to pick up any useable audio. But, if you are using it on your motorbike or skiing downhill and don't care much about the audio, then it works great... You can add music or natural sound later...

    It comes with one mount and there are no additional accessories you can purchase to mount/affix the camera to something else other than a helmet. If you want to mount it to the top or front portion of your baseball cap, it's not so easy without some additional home made modifications... A miniature tripod with minimum adjustments (leveling for example) would have been very useful as an accessory. Since the camera itself does not have a tripod screw, you cannot mount it on your own tripod..

    Another thing to consider is that when you mount the camera on your helmet or any surface such as a tripod, make sure it is leveled, or all your video will be tilted to one side or the other. You won't know that until you finsih filming because there are no video monitoring capabilities on the camera... This is made for ruff, action packed, upside down footage where the location of the horizon is irrelevant... There are no leveling bubbles on this camera but you can level is easily with an external leveler.

    Despite the above features or lack of, the camera is excellent for lots of uses. The video quality is much better than other cameras that cost more $$$ and as a whole, it feels very rugged and well made. Being able to put a 16 Gb card and record about 4 hours of video is another great feature... If you carry your lap top with you, you can instantly insert the disk and edit a video to upload to Youtube etc... Another awesome feature is that if you travel overseas, you can actually play the video on a PAL TV in a foreign country... The camera outputs either NTSC or PAL...

    Let me clearify that the above list is not a gripe, just a "WISH" list... This is a great camera for the money (period).
  • JJ - ALIGN HELPED ME ALOTI am a graduate student and spend most of my time in a classroom or behind a desk in a quiet room. My stomach would make terrible noises, and I often had to leave class early and even step out before completing exams. I wasn't sure what to do or what was wrong. My doctor recommended I try Align before nuking my bowels with powerful prescribed medication. After about my third week on Align I noticed tremendous differences. I have been taking Align for about 2 months now, and I have almost no bowel issues. I also feel energized and awake in all my classes. I can focus and pay attention to what is going on without having anxiety about my stomach noises. This product is amazing, and I am so glad I was able to manage my issue with a relatively inexpensive over-the-counter probiotic.