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Country: North America, CA, Canada

City: L6J Oakville, Ontario

  • Stacey Ashendorf - I love this!!First of all I have really sensative skin, anything will pretty much break me out. I have been using this for about a year now and it makes my skin have a really nice glow to it. Also this is wonderful in the winter time for when my skin gets dry. The texture is amazing it really is unlike any mosturizer that I have tried. I would also like to point out that it lasts a long time I bought a kit from philosophy's site a year ago and Im still not out.
  • doron shalev - Great !!So far the tablet has been really fun along with helpfull. I origanly got it so that my wife could access etc. That takes away the time we spend together. Our Fun is all the way of the house. Often I found it isolated. This smart thing has allowed us along with myself less restricted or confined to the back on wich it displays me. I have never even manipulated a befor. I always thought they were very limited and could not perform the average tasks. However I have been proven wrong. Surfing !!!!
  • Mbastudentny - Great anti virus gets the tough trogen tooI usually dont write reviews but I had to say my 2 cents about this. I got a winGen32 torgen and I had McAfee. it never caught it, I installed Nortan but it detected it but could not remove it. I used combofix and it cleared a lot but could not get rid of a browser hijack as it was a new variant. I this bad boy was the only one that took care of everything as it had the most up to date info .

    totally recommend this if you serious about protecting your computer.
  • Kat "Fairy Kat" - Excellent Protection... for your Computer!I have been using the Norton Products for many years... perhaps since PC's became a common household item. Their Anti~Virus feature is excellent, keeping out every creepy. destructive virus out there. And the additional features are excellent as well (i.e. disk defrag, monthly scans & reports, etc.). My computer never runs without it, AND... the BEST PRICE OUT THERE IS ON AMAZON!!
  • delaune michel - Powerful, honest story - could not put it downPing Fu's book, Bend, Not Break, is a powerful, honest account of her years growing up during the Cultural Revolution in China, and her astonishing ability to build a successful life in America as a business woman and mother whose heart remains generous and open despite the atrocities she endured. There has been a sudden influx of one-star reviews all within a 24 hour period - suspicious to say the least - defaming Ping Fu, and calling her a liar particularly in regards to what she went through during the Cultural Revolution, and her subsequent imprisonment by the Chinese government. I have never lived in China, or even visited it, so my opinion is hardly first hand, however, we are talking about a memoir of a life during the time of Mao, a dictator whose administration oversaw systematic human rights abuses, and whose rule is estimated to have caused the deaths of between 40-70 million people through starvation and executions. For anyone to say or believe that the horrors that Ping lived through are lies is as egregious as believing that Primo Levi lied about Auschwitz. If we continue to let these abominations continue without bringing them to light of day, when will they end? Ping Fu did an incredible job, with great restraint, yet candor, in telling her truth, and in doing so, spoke for millions. Thank God she wrote this book.