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  • Scamp4553 "Keith Lussier" - The Greatest Hits Collection Of The YearIf you are a die-hard fan of SEETHER, than this album is a perfect fit to your collection. Not only are there SEETHER classics such as FINE AGAIN, THE GIFT, REMEDY, FAKE IT, and COUNTRY SONG, but there are also rare tracks that could mostly be found on Japanese imports or on Marvel movie soundtracks, as well as three new songs. Out of the new tracks, my favorite has to be SAFE TO SAY I'VE HAD ENOUGH, but I do think it's very clever that the band decided to cover a song that's named after them, originally done by VERUCA SALT. My only problem with this album is that OUT OF MY WAY and HANG ON can be found on the DISCLAIMER II album that was released back in 2004, and that album can be found at many stores, so these tracks seem out of place on this collection. They could've put a few more new songs in their placeto make it a whole, but I digress. Overall, this is one of the better Greatest Hits collections I've seen, way better than the greatest hits discs from BUCKCHERRY and coming soon NICKELBACK, both of which lack any new or rare material.

    Rating: 4.5 stars/5 stars
  • T. Beck - Easily the Best Tablet on the MarketI have been using my Prime since Christmas, I love it. I have owned both a HTC Flyer and a Sony Tablet S, the Prime will kick both their butts any day, any time. I will spare you going through the specs as they are posted above. I have recently purchased the dock for the Prime (I'm actually typing this review on it) what a great addition to this already great tablet, I have noticed that the dock greatly improves my battery life and it also sports a full usb port and a full sd card slot. Since the Prime has a HDMI out, I plug in a controller to the dock and I have myself a kick a$$ gaming console, the cpu can support many console quality games.

    Overall, I am greatly pleased with my purchase, I got what I payed for and then some, when an upgrade is needed, I will definitely return to ASUS.

    The Case I Use:
    Poetic(TM) 2in1 Ultra Light Leather Case for Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 10.1-Inch Android Tablet
  • Harriet Klausner - terrific urban romantic fantasyHer CIA father warned Caitlyn Whelan to never visit Romatech Industries for any reason. However, when she receives an invitation to attend her nephew's birthday party at Romatech Industries, she rationalizes her dad is being overly protective. Besides she feels propelled to go meet a relative she never knew she had and to see her sister Shanna whom she has not communicated with in six years.

    Caitlyn quickly learns why her father told her to never go to Romatech Industries. There she meets vampires; a species she always assumed was in novels and movies, but not real life. She is also attracted to Carlos Panterra, who reciprocates her feelings. The only problem is he is a were-panther seeking his purebred soulmate to help him raise orphans he adopted.

    This terrific urban romantic fantasy stars two strong protagonists and a powerful support cast that make vampires and shapeshifters seem real. Fast-paced, readers will see the Sparks flying when Caitlyn and Carlos meet. With their Love at Stake (see Forbidden Nights with a Vampire and The Undead Next Door), sub-genre readers will enjoy this pleasurable thriller.

    Harriet Klausner
  • Tania - Perfect on the go mealI normally have this in the morning when I'm short on time and need to eat. I add coconut water and shake and I'm done. I am one of those of people that actually likes the taste, (I truly believe the coconut water makes the difference). It is a little gritty but you get used to it. It is also very filling and keeps me sated for quite a while. Could not live without it.