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  • Ruth Levy - Came back to NortonI had Norton for years, but it slowed everything. After using some different software the last few years, I read a highly positive review on a couple of publication websites and with the price so reasonable for 3 computers, I decided to try it again. It's been terrific. It pretty much does everything that I need.
  • Ruach - I've finally found my tabletAfter owning four other tablets of different brands, to include the iPad, I have found everything I need a tablet to do in the Kindle Fire. I like the feel of the device in my hand, its resolution and especially the elegance of it's simplicity. I have had no reliability issues, it performs well. I would recommend the Kindle Fire for anyone who already has the smartphone, the laptop, the desktop PC and other wi-fi capable device, and desires an in-between device that is powerful yet simple in design and format, at a price that can't be beat.
  • brandice39 - Worked for me!For all the people that are writing reviews about MyMathLab, that has nothing to do with this. This is just for the ACCESS CODE. Yes, the actual Pearson site sucks and it is a terrible program and I wish that my college professors didn't choose to use it, but that's beside the point. I had read reviews about the code not working, but they were able to return it, so I took a little gamble. As soon as I got my code, I put it in and it worked perfectly for me. This is WAAAY cheaper than buying it directly. Plus, this include the e-text of the book of the course that you take, so unless you NEED to have a paper version of the book, this is the cheapest way to go. Good purchase, glad I was able to save more money!
  • Caitlin - Must-Have for PetsThe Tagg Tracker has proven itself as the best pet product out there. I have tried 3 other pet GPS products, and none have worked better than my Tagg. The battery life is unbeatable. I get about 30 days (although this depends on your location/cell coverage) which has amazing. I was frustrated at first that it would send me a breach notification every time I took my dog Jeff out for a walk, but then I discovered the "walk" button-which solves this problem! Jeff is scared of thunder, so every time it stormed he would disappear for hours and no one could find him-this is why we bought the tracker. Using Tagg we are able to bring him home safe and sound, before something could harm him. $8 bucks a month is NOTHING compared to the peace of mind and sense of security that this product has provided. Best $100 I have ever spent.