Medicine — School of Medicine at the University of Virginia - The School of Medicine at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville is a nationally-ranked School in a nationally-ranked University in a nationally-ranked city. One of the original schools in Thomas Jefferson's founding of the University of Virginia.

Country: North America, US, United States

City: 22904 Charlottesville, Virginia

  • Christopher - I'm somewhat new to the franchise - early limited reviewFirst off, I must confess to you all that my experience with the MLB The Show franchise is very limited. I have always stayed away from sports video games because I suck at them. I'm awful. Playing against me online is a sure win for you. I can play the game in real life but not in the virtual world. Until now!

    I picked up the game (PS Vita) first thing this morning and have been on it non-stop for the last 3.5 hours. The addition of the beginner mode I found very helpful. A few weeks ago I picked up a used copy of MLB 12 for $5 and had been trying to figure it out. MLB 12 was great but I had such a difficult time figuring out pitching and hitting that I almost gave up on the game. I did enjoy it enough however to warrant trying MLB 13. Maybe the limited skills that I acquired on MLB 12 are making 13 that much easier or it's the beginner mode that is making the game so much more enjoyable, I don't know nor do I care. Whatever the case I am already enjoying this game. I've started on the RTTS and Franchise modes both of which have seen numerous improvements over 12. There is so much customization it's almost overwhelming - in a good way. Obviously there is quite a lot that I haven't seen and perhaps in a few more weeks of playing my thoughts will change but right now I am enjoying it far more than I enjoyed 12.

    This being the second release of MLB The Show on the Vita the game has shown some performance improvements in both graphics and gameplay. The Vita has been out for over a year now and I think developers have worked out the issues and figured out how to create a great gaming experience.

    When I have played more of the game I will update my review but so far it's all systems go.

    Update March 7, 2013-
    In the RTTS I sincerely miss the side commentaries. They added color to the game and made it feel more real to me. For most of the game there is virtually nothing from the sports commentators, just awkward silence.

    The game does play more smoothly from MLB12 (from what I can notice in my limited exposure).
  • brittlestar - Comprehensive Med school InfoThis book gives you the overall view of all the medical schools in the US as well as Canada. It includes the general requirements, range and average MCAT scores of the accepted class of 2005 and also characteristics of student body. Very useful for those who are doing research on where to apply.
  • ilovelife - It doesn't taste that bad - just know what to mix with!My husband and I purchased this as a breakfast supplement/replacement. The instructions on the back say to "mix 2 level scoops with 16 ounces water or low sugar juice." If you can avoid it, please don't mix with water your first time - it might ruin the experience for you, like it (kind of) has with my husband. The first time he tried it, he mixed one scoop with water and could barely drink it. Since then, he dreads it, but my experience really hasn't been that bad because I can get past the fact that if you mix it with certain things, it truly is a great drink. If I wanted a good tasting sweet smoothie, give me some frozen fruit, honey, and some juice - but again, that's just a sugar drink with a handful of vitamins. The whole point of Raw Meal is to be a healthful meal replacement, and not a "taste good" dessert-type smoothie.

    Another review said to mix with grapefruit juice, and that has been pleasant. This is what I do for one serving:
    - One scoop Raw Meal
    - One whole banana
    - ~8ozs grapefruit or orange juice
    - Blend and enjoy! We use a Vita-Mix 1710 - Professional Series 500 on the "Smoothie" setting. Best blender ever, and super easy cleanup. Find the link here: Vitamix 1710 Professional Series, Brushed Stainless Finish.

    There are two key pieces to drinking raw meal and actually enjoying it:
    1) Make sure to add the right fruit to the drink. The banana and juice definitely improve the grainy consistency (compared to Raw Meal with water, or even shaken in a blender ball), and also masks the flavor/improves it overall. If you can't get over the color of the raw meal being a greenish-brown, add a few blueberries to the mix. We've also been able to add frozen peaches, blueberries, etc, which mask it even more. At a minimum, definitely use orange juice and a banana and it tastes pretty good.
    2) USE A BLENDER! This will help break down the graininess of the raw meal to be a much better consistency. If you're worried about breaking down the ingredients in the mix, don't be. Think about a protein shake - it breaks down over time after you've mixed it, but if you drink it immediately after it's mixed, it shouldn't be a problem. Either way, it's a healthful meal replacement that seems to be the best on the market.

    Overall, I give Raw Meal 5 stars, but my husband would probably give it 4.5 due to the taste being unbearable with water alone. Again, think about this being a nutritional, healthful replacement and be sure to understand that it's not going to taste like a sugary breakfast cereal.
  • Chris0313 - Just what I wantedI have been using BareMinerals for a few years now. I have purchased it thru BareMinerals, Sephora, Ulta & the local grocery store in SA, Texas. I have payed approximately $27.50 every purchase. I was beginning to feel the pinch in my wallet when gas prices continued to rise so I decided to see what common purchases I could find for a better deal. I was one "happy camper" when I found the make-up I use daily, for a fraction if the price I pay locally. I hope to make future purchases from this seller.
  • AZMom - Love Birnbaum Disney GuidesI last purchased a Birnbaum Disneyland guide in 2010, and since we're planning to take our boys there soon I wanted a new guide for the park. I love the organization of these guides, the attractions are in logical order around the different lands, height restrictions are listed in the guide so you don't have to find out when you get there that your kid is too short to ride. Restaurants are listed with a description of what they serve and symbols so you can easily identify if they are breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner places and also an idea of what you can expect it to cost per person to eat there. there is also a listing for each shop you can find and a basic description of what they sell. Disneyland Park, California Adventure and Downtown Disney are all included. Every attraction has a description, there are descriptions of the parades, shows and fireworks, along with where to see them at. Rides that have fastpasses are labeled so you can plan your day (or days) in the park easily.

    Whether this is your first time planning a Disney vacation or you've been several times before Birnbaums in a wonderful resource to have with you. I highly recommend this guide book.