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  • SOHAIL RIZKI - Excellent productand excellent price, I wish there were any books available to learn Accountant version.
    Do not waste money on buying expensive software, they charge high because they sell low quantity and they want to cover their cost and make profit from few buyers.
    QB sells in millions so they can provide a better product with a very affordable price.
  • BJS - very usefulIf your pain is bad enough and your medical situation is hopeless enough that death seems preferable, the one thing you don't want to do is fail, leaving yourself in an even worse situation, and causing serious problems for other people. This book provides information not available elsewhere and a framework for thinking about one of the most serious decisions anyone can make.
  • SherriSLC "sherrireader" - A relaxing escapeI don't usually read to escape, but I was at a time when I really needed an escape when I picked up this book. What a great soother, which manages to be thought-provoking in small and subtle ways at the same time. Yes, there are some here who want to be more challenged by their reading, but I would argue that there is a place for every type of book and for its type, these are the best I've found.
  • Mrs Nelson - Great program, user friendly, super for small business and a dream for Accountants!I have used QBooks for many years. I prefer to buy the new version at least 6 months after it is released because there are always bugs to work out. It's a great program, user friendly and very easy for an Accountant. I run a small business and have over 25 clients on the program. The 2013 version has some good improvements.