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  • Martin - Easy Fresh BreathI'm pretty happy with the TheraBreath rinse. It has no burn of regular alcohol or the newer crest rinse, and doesn't have the safety concerns of hydrogen peroxide (no swallowing!). I would equate it about as effective at neutralizing bad breath as gargling with hydrogen peroxide.

    For me I use it twice a day, once before bed and once as a part of my morning routine. I can feel it starting to wear off in the morning, but for the most part it has killed my morning breath as advertised.

    Definitely swish before gargling, as swishing loosens up tonsil stones before gargling. I've used slightly less than recommended for gargling, as it bubbles up quite a bit.

    This will definitely be in my cabinet for those times when I need to freshen up!
  • S. Vest "Dresslikeapirate" - Know your deviceYou will see this item displayed as being frequently bought with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, but make no mistake, whatever size you buy, the tablet only recognizes 16 additional gigs. It does not recognize the entire 32. Says right on the product specs "upgradable to 32", and very definitely no more than that.
  • Jeremy Carroll - BUY THIS BOOKIf you are taking the GRE buy this book. It has more information, better examples and is THOROUGH. I also studied with the official book by ETS and the new book by McGraw-Hill. I found myself using this book the most however. The amount of quantitative material in this book is COMPLETELY satisfactory to make a great score. Dr. Gruber put this book together right.