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  • Gigi R. "Miss R." - So impressed!!!I normally buy the Speck Macbook Pro Cases and have gone through 2 of them in the last 8 months. At 40 dollars a pop, that was getting to be too expensive considering they weren't lasting more than a few months of GENTLE use. I decided to give these a try since they had decent reviews. I bought the British Flag rubbered case and it fit my Mac like a glove. The feel is very similar to the Satin finish of the Speck brand. I am extremely much so I bought a back up and STILL paid less on what I would have on ONE Speck case. I am an extremely happy customer. If these last longer than the Speck, I will undeniably be beyond thrilled. I will be recommending these!
  • Janet Bardini - The anti-diet that will change your lifeIt's not a cliche when I say that Lyn Genet's The Plan will change your life. When I went into menopause, my weight went up and I found it more difficult to lose it. My digestion has always been wacked and I've suffered from debilitating knee pain for many years. I found The Plan very easy to follow and each day I followed it, I felt better and better. It was amazing how I would get on the scale and lose 1 -2 lbs a day with the right food combinations. A good part of my knee pain is gone.The BEST thing about The Plan is that you will NOT gain back all the weight you lose, which other diets can't do. You will be able to maintain your goal within a pound or two, which I have done since August 2012. I asked Lyn Genet why this happens, and her response is this: you have improved your digestion and brought your body back to a younger age. As a alternative medicine practitioner, I have been recommending The Plan to many of my patients. GO ON THE PLAN!
  • R. Ishima - v cup vs k cupI am new in the market for a single serve coffee machine for change of pace coffee brew. I like the idea of being able to select different varieties of coffee rather than being tied down to one specific brew. My normal coffee maker is Bunn STF15; hands down the best drip coffee maker out there. The Bunn gets me going in the morning. The single serve is not to replace the Bunn, but rather augment it.

    Realizing the v cup was developed because the k cup patent has expired, that k cups pricing will start dropping as newcomers enter the market; I wanted to determine if I should go with new technology or stay with the proven/mature technology.

    I purchased a mini plus and the vue. Used the same coffee--coffee house. Set both to 8 oz.

    I was surprised how quick the mini plus brewed-2mintues from start to finish. I read reviews that start to finish took 3 minutes. The mini plus noise level was quite low. Operation very simple. You adjust the strength by the amount of water you add with 10oz being the max. I do not understand comments on the k cup as being weak. The coffee had full bodied and taste like coffee; not instant coffee that I read elsewhere. I was impressed with the quality of the brew. The coffee was very hot.

    Naturally the Vue brewed quicker because the water is preheated in the chamber. Hype or not, the coffee taste great. Was it noticeably better than the mini plus? Too close to call. It would be stretching it to say that the Vue may be slightly smoother; again not definite. Noise was more than the mini, but not annoying so. the vue had a more pumping sound. I guess the pumping action would change depending on the smart technology adjustments to the type of brew you enter.

    As such, the Vue is not a monumental step forward. Side by side taste test versus the kcup does not bear out its superiority. The Vue advantage is being able to finely adjust the brew to your taste. The v cup allows for larger pods so stronger drinks or larger drinks are possible. The smart brew technology is a nice concept in being able to adjust the pump operation to type of brew called upon. The k cup does not differentiate. maybe the new pump design will prove more reliable than the k cup variat. The disadvante is the cost of the cups. Kcups will continue to drop. v cups are exclusive for the next 7 years. As of today, ther is no my cup for the vue yet. It should not be much of a challenge for someone to develope one.

    With discounts and rebates, the vue is around 130-150 and the mini plus 60. A more comparable kcup to the vue will be the platinum. with rebates and discount, it can be have for 109. The actual costs difference is only $40. If the price of the cups are not a concern, than I would go with the Vue. The Vue is a nice looking machine with numerous options not available on the platinum. You can also set the brew temp up to 197 vs 192 of the platinum. In theory the Vue has the potential of making better coffee. Future pod tuning may take advanage of the smart technology pump. I would be satisfied with the k cup. the k cup is not inferior to the vue when it comes to taste. The Vue has potential of making better coffee and that is something that the kcup cannot be. Personally, the pod price difference between the k cup and vcup is not a concern since my main consumption will be the bunn. The vue will be used as a change of pace or afternoon drink. After dinner drink will be the espresso (my breville or the nespresso; but that is another review)

    Update 10/18: Using a thermapen, inserted empty vcup into the vue. Set the temp to 197. The actual water temp at the sprout is 195. Allowing for slight cooling from vcup to sprout--197 at the grind level is probably accurate. Brew temp at cup level will be considerably less..the point being the grounds are being brewed at 197.

    Tried the Tulley decaf at 12oz normal strength. The brew was still fairly strong when consumed black. Split the 12oz with wifey. Since I do not like super strong coffee, the brew strength at 12oz was just about right. In essence, the price per serving with the vcup is lower than the kcup. Reason is, the vcup holds more coffee than the kcup and the vcup can be made in varying sizes; unlike the kcup. Will keep on playing with the coffee maker.
  • Tawana L. Parks - Great stroller upgrade!I had been searching for a compact stroller with all the features I wanted and this is it! I'm in Japan and my jogging stroller is way too big getting around in a country that specializes in miniaturizing everything. My son is 17 months, 32 lbs and 34 inches long. First of all this stroller was ready to roll right out the box! I only had to attach the belly bar, canopy and cup holder!!! This stroller fits my son perfectly and I should get great use out of it since the maximum weight capacity is 55lbs!. I love that it has a REMOVABLE and flexible belly bar which most umbrella strollers don't have in addition to the adjustable canopy with EXTRA coverage. And there is an adjustable leg rest which my son loves because his feet aren't touching the foot rest yet. Note: there are two levers hidden that you have to squeeze for it to go down. The seat also does a full recline! The wheels are great! They seem to be the hard rubber kind. I'm 5'7 and the handle bars are high enough for me to push comfortably and away from my body so I'm not kicking the back wheels and they are made with the soft grip material. The basket is big compared to other umbrella strollers, but small compared to my jogging stroller. I'm able to stuff my Columbia backpack diaper bag in it with a little room to spare for small items. If the seat back is fully reclined I won't be able to get the diaper bag out without lifting it up. There is a cup holder that securely fits a medium size fast food cup or bottle of water. I hated the cup holders on the jogging strollers because they bounced around on uneven ground. My son's sippy cup won't fit. This stroller also comes with a rain cover which is a plus. I love freebies. It only covers the front, but I read that the canopy is water-proof I have yet to test that. I'm contemplating buying the Jeep brand that goes all over though. The fold and open is also easy to do and it locks in place when closing and has a carry handle. It is a bit heavy (I think 15lbs), but it feels very sturdy and durable. I only pushed around the house on hardwood floors. I will update when we go out. For a video demonstration and review for the 2012 model, YouTube Baby Gizmo Inglesina Trip.

    UPDATE: So after getting out, this stroller is everything I hoped for. It handled really well on uneven asphalt/sidewalk. It took me a moment to adjust my stride and arm positioning, my feet did scruff the back wheels a few times. My son took a brief nap and I was able to lay the seat back all the way down without disturbing him. It was pretty windy when we first got out, but the canopy was great at blocking the wind especially while he was napping. It rained a little later on and the canopy IS water-proof!!! Even in steady rain the water continued to bead up and roll off. I did have a little trouble steering one-handed while holding my umbrella. It was hard to make turns, but I found that switching handle bars and stepping opposite the side of stroller in the direction I wanted to turn helped the best (ex. step left to turn right). Oh and I forgot to mention that the stroller is slim enough to pass through the train station's ticket entrances/exits. No more having to use the wheelchair entrance. All in all, I'm VERY HAPPY with this stroller. :)