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  • Roger Page Lennon - Epic and incredibly FlawedSoft barely discernible notes twinkling in an almost sinister childish melody, suddenly loud anthemic guitar chords are played. This is how Pink Floyds "The Wall" opens, a rock opera that is along with "Dark Side Of The Moon" widely considered to be Pink Floyd's best album. Is it really Pink Floyd's best album, as many People here make it out to be? No its not, in fact its not even one of their better albums.

    Why is it that this doesn't rank among their better albums? I used to think it was because their usual spacey psychedelic sound isn't as prominent on this album, that's not it though. I mean Genesis went for a different approach on "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway", and yet it is probably Genesis's best overall album. The problem is that Pink Floyd had decided that the lyrics were more important than the music. Really it was Rogers and David's fault. By this time, both of their egos had swollen, and they both had decided to kick Rick Wright out of the band. It is the fact that Rick Wright was absent for over half of the album is what really brings it down, as his work with the keyboards is absolutely amazing. So is the music bad? Well because this is Pink Floyd, it is definitely not bad. It's got a lot of weak spots, but there are also some absolutely mind blowing moments. Comfortably Numb is a beautiful and mysterious song. Hey You is dark and quite eerie. The Trial is really weird but is also really good. Is There Anybody Out There? is haunting with its finger picked acoustic melody and light orchestration. Goodbye Blue Sky is perhaps even more chilling also featuring an acoustic finger picked melody, and some stunning synth-work. A lot of the album features an orchestra, and I have to say as with Atom Heart Mother the orchestra goes really well with the music.

    So what's so great about these lyrics that Roger Waters felt were more important than the actual music? The lyrics tell a story and the story is a mixture of the story of Roger Waters and the tragic descent into madness of their original guitarist/singer/songwriter/frontman Syd Barrett. Of course there are a lot of fictional elements added in(neither of the aforementioned men ever got up on stage and called everyone in the audience out racially, neither man was or is a Nazi etc.) The lyrics and concept on this album are better any other thought up by Waters, and you always discover something new in the story with each listen.

    So is The Wall worth buying, of course it is all Pink Floyd Albums(discounting AMLOR) are worth buying at some point, Who knows you may even end up considering it to be Pink Floyds best album.
  • Bill - No question that it works.I found this book after googling a bunch of different things, and came across these reviews. Lots of good reviews, a few negative ones. Well, I noticed that all the negative ones were either people who hadn't actually tried it or people who didn't really stick with it. You can't rate a book negatively if you don't follow the program.

    Anyways, the diet simply works. When all the drugs I was prescribed stopped working, I turned to this. After a few weeks, there was a definite change. It has taken a little longer than the 2 - 3 months he writes about in the book, but that's because I still drink beer once a week or so. If I cut that out, it would be gone by now (about 4 months). In total, half of my spots are completely clear, and the others are completely clear in the middle with a ring around the outside.

    Lastly, a more moderate version of the diet should be called "how Americans should eat." I am almost happy I have psoriasis and found this book as it is so much more healthy. It takes a little bit for the body to assimilate, but if you have some discipline, it works wonders.