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  • David Alston - Many reasons why I love this bookThere are many reasons why I love this book. Here are a few of them:

    1) Great framework setup - outlining the 5 key forces every entrepreneur should be reckoning with and getting it out of the way right at the beginning of the book is just smart.

    2) Threading it together - another great approach to a book where, once the framework is set, the rest of the book is spent diving deep on products, trends and themes that make it real for the reader. Yes, the last two thirds of the book give the reader lots of "context". Yes, there I said it. :)

    3) Real bleeding-edge examples - As someone who looks forward to receiving the weekly electronics store flyer to see what new toy I have yet to buy I loved just how many great new products and companies were covered in this book. I mean think about it - who better than Scoble to tell you what's just around the corner. The guy has a constant line of startups a mile long dying to tell him about their latest, coolest thing. I found myself bouncing like a pinball from one awesome company or product to the next in this book. And I loved it.

    4) Not afraid to share an opinion - Yes, and if you know both Israel and Scoble, this should not be a surprise. Sure they present a lot of facts and goodies but when an opinion on what they see begs to be said they don't disappoint. It's great to get a balance of objective and subjective in this book.

    5) Wit and a sense of humor - This book is easy to read in part do to the comfortable style in which it engages the reader. You definitely get lots of dry wit and humor throughout the book - something that Shel can't help but let shine through. Often you find the book saying exactly what you would say in your head. It feels a bit like you are having a conversation with a friend. This book reads like a great magazine article that you can't wait to share with your buddies.

    Bottom line: If you are an entrepreneur or budding entrepreneur then get this book because the thinking and examples are going to be food for your creative soul. If you are a student about to head into the world of business then read this book because its going to give you a perfect snapshot of what possible and it will inspire you to become part of it. And if you are a technology junky then get this book because the amount of cool concepts and products packed into this book will rain on you like a Gatling gun.

    This is one fine book that's written by two smart and fine gentlemen. I hope you'll love it as much as I did.
  • Goochy Spruce - Perineum fashionistaOn a perfect whimsical summer evening frolicking with the spouse, I found a perfect reason to use this product deeply stored in my medicine cabinet. The berries were awaiting the tongue thrashing they've long awaited for quite some time now. Besides the area started to resemble two semi-merged strawberry mochis dropped, or freshly hatched baby bird, under a barber's chair after cutting Pete Wentz's hair that somehow bent and squiggled before landing on a linoleum floor (I digress). After applying a coat of this magical potion to my plums, I quickly came to the assertion that in when dealing with such a sensitive area one should take the right precautions to protect the objects of one's gender. There is not a day that goes by that I wish I was more precautious in using such a caustic substance on my genitals. What once started as a cool sensation quickly turned to what felt like dipping one's own sack straight into a container filled with sulfuric acid mixed with an accelerator. As I attempted to extinguish the brush fire with water, the sensation, led by the trickling water, was voyaging to downtown browntown. This rapidly occurring phenomenon felt like burning gasoline furrowed by the incision of razor blade abruptly travelling to an area that once only felt the pain of a small razor nick. From that point, in my panic, I grabbed a thawing chicken from the refuse to aid in moderating the grease fire in my kitchen. There's no need to expand on the description on how badly decaying poultry mixed with burning flesh would be to one's olfactory cells, but I can go as far as saying the aroma was much like having gangrene on or near the anus whilst in the midst of defecating in a small wooden shack in the middle of the desert midday in August. Nonetheless, Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Crème works extremely well at removing those unsightly byproducts from your mammalian skin organ, if so desired, quick and discrete. This product has done an amazing job at keeping the jungle down under maintenance free for over a year. The doctor was so amazed on how well the product did that he, without a doubt, gave the prognosis that hair will never invade my undercarriage again. The scars for such an inexpensive permenant treatment were well worth paying less than $20 is well deserving of 5 stars from this satisfied customer.
  • A. T. Yoshida - An American CatoIs there greatness in inaction?

    We have a tendency to celebrate leaders - and Presidents - who are doers. In that sense, Amity Shales' "Coolidge" is truly a sequel to her last book, the genuinely excellent "The Forgotten Man." In that book she argued that Franklin Roosevelt - though he remains one of America's most-venerated Presidents - did more harm than good in trying to combat the Depression through his policy of "bold, persistent experimentation", which resulted in wild swings of government policy that often did more harm than good and which created unsettled (and therefore harmful) conditions that persisted until the Second World War restored something like regular order.

    Coolidge, as he comes across here, is the anti-Roosevelt. Where Roosevelt believed in activity for activity's sake, Coolidge genuinely believed that doing nothing was often the preferable alternative to doing something, especially when the only reason for taking action was to be seen to do something. His speech on taking office as the President of the Massachusetts Senate, published as, "Have Faith in Massachusetts", remains a classic that ought to be required reading in schools all across the world.

    What Shales really succeeds in doing, however, is making the case for Coolidge as a man. Where history has often depicted him as a cold and lazy man, fundamentally indifferent to suffering, she instead presents a convincing case that he was actually a deeply compassionate and principled man who believed in limited government as a positive good and who led a consistently simple life devoted to public service. Perhaps in this sense we ought to call Coolidge the American Cato - the last simple small-r republican who not only believed in, but also genuinely lived, the first principles of the republic.
  • Stephen M. Brest "SMB" - Three HoursWithin three hours of putting on this shirt my chest hair and sideburns looked identical to Hugh Jackman's when he played X-Men's Wolverine. My wife later posted a picture of me on Facebook howling at the moon in my Three Wolf Moon Tee and the Facebook admin immediately said they were automatically putting all my friend requests from females on a permanent hold to protect my shirt and me from ourselves. I'm also enjoying my new powers/skills. If you live in New Mexico don't buy this shirt. New Mexico is not big enough for two shirts...
  • S. Levin "Chick with Books" - The only Slow Cooker cookbook you'll need!If you have a slow cooker this is the book for you! If you have a large capacity slow cooker this is definitely a must have! America's Test Kitchen is a trusted name and they have never failed me in. This book, volume 2 of their slow cooker recipe books should be no exception. What I like about this book is that all the recipes are easy prep. They promise, and I believe them, that all the recipes have only 15 minute active preparation before going into the crockpot. That may mean using the microwave with some ingredients, but they wanted to avoid having to cook on the stovetop before putting the ingredients into the crockpot and I think that's a good compromise.

    I love the color photos, the tips, the smart shopping tips and the "getting to know your slow cooker" helps. Basically you not only get a great cookbook with 200 recipes, you get an education, and that's what America's test Kitchen is all about- teaching you about the recipe along with how to prepare it. There is a wide variety of recipes from appetizers to desserts (with all the main courses in-between) and a breakdown of what to look for in a slow cooker. The recipes are designed for 5 1/2 to 7 quart slow cookers, which is hard to find, but there are also instructions in the book for adjusting the recipes.

    5 stars because it has everything I look for in a cookbook- great recipes, easy prep and uncomplicated directions. And in particular I like that it has recipes for larger slow cookers, because that's what I have and sometimes it's hard to adjust the recipe's up from what is usually available.