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  • D. Scandiffio - A great product!I so far have tried Fig and Pomegranate. I love them both and do find differences in how they leave your hair. The Fig tends to make it a bit silkier, but not as much volume. I think the Pomegranate smells better, but I am not turned off by any scent as long as the end result looks good. Besides, the scent fades once dry. I have more body with the Pomegranate, but my hair is a bit more flyaway. Both clean my scalp very well and I can go a few days between washes. Both leave my hair softer and silkier. I still have Lavender and Sweet Almond Mint to try. My daughter, who has straighter, silkier, thinner, non frizzy hair loved the Sweet Almond Milk. I also don't use quite as much as they suggest. I have never had better results with any other brand of shampoo, and believe me I have tried soooooo many!
  • Jbgator9 "Avid reader" - Digestive health maintained at Amazon.comPhillips' Colon Health Probiotic Capsules, 30-Count Bottle Digestive problems and bowel problems for over 40 years since having gall bladder removed at age 24. I discovered help with Phillips probiotic capsules. Originally bought them at a drug store, then discovered they were cheaper at a grocery store and then remembered to check Amazon, where I found best price and am now a happy subscriber and they arrive without having to leave the house. I Love Amazon.
  • A. Woodmansee - We all loved it, hope they turn it into a movie!Well, I got this item because I and my kids are fans of Kate's work. My kids are twin 6 year old girls, so this book was way beyond them in terms of reading, but I knew that going in and was planning on reading it to them. Some of the chapters are oddly short, some are simply a series of comic book panels, but it all works. I have to say that the whole book whenever Mary Ann was talked about all I could think of was the lamp in A Christmas Story. Anyway, the whole premise and all the characters are quite odd and that can be good or unappealing depending on who you are, for me and my daughters it worked, but then again maybe it is because we can empathize with being odd. I could not, however, relate at all to the mother, they way she interacted with her daughter just bothered me and I am not talking about her trying to get rid of Flora's squirrel. I also thought there were way too many references to the comics Flora was into, it often broke the flow of things a little too much. All this being said, the target audience is 8 year olds and older and I think that is spot on. My girls loved the book even though some of it just went in one ear and the other because they are so young, like all the stuff about Flora being a cynic, and the reference to the comics Flora was into also just went over their heads. The would laugh every time Ulysses was thinking about food again, they loved the donut shop scene when Ulysses gets in Rita's hair, and they loved the Mr. Klaus the cat parts of the book. And now "for the love of Pete", "holy bagumba", and "holy unanticipated occurrences" are part of our family's vernacular. Weeks after finishing it one of my daughters out of no where suddenly just said "Tootie to the rescue"! The same daughter wanted to bring the book with us when we left town for the weekend and re-read it, and has also requested that we buy a final copy so she can see the final artwork as our copy was an advance copy that had rough drafts of the artwork. So, all this tells me that book was a real hit with my kids and really stuck with them even though they are younger than the target audience, and I think that says it all, hence the 5 star rating.
  • Northwest Shopper "Random Things" - Very EffectiveThis works so amazingly well. As I have left as feedback on here, I have tried others after trying this, just to save some money and I keep coming back because this works so well. I have seen a huge decrease in yeast infections, the natural cleanliness of that area seems much cleaner/fresher. I also use the RepHresh gel as needed and that works really well, esp right after your period.
  • Ann "Ann" - LOVE this little device!!!I'm SO glad I broke down and purchased this device! I was reluctant to buy it because I already have 2 devices that make the same claims! I have seen REAL improvements using FaceFx. I used it more than 3 times a week though. I used it almost every day for a month and my upper eyelid DID lift and NOTICEABLY so! After close to 2 months of use now my forehead wrinkles are not nearly as deep and my skin seems to be tightening too. People who haven't seem me in a few months told me I look good, that they could tell a difference and asked me what I was doing! I love that I don't have to use it EVERY day now that my eyelid is lifted I really only seem to need to use it every 2 days and I have to admit I also have the Facemaster and the Dermawand and neither of those products lift my upper eyelid for more than an hour or two, frustrating! I use the Facemaster for the hollow under the eye (have the best results with it for the hollowing) and the Dermawand on my parentheses lines that are starting around my mouth, the DW on my age spots and the DW on my pores. I am the most thrilled with the FaceFx though as keeping my upper eyelid lifted really is important to me and the sagging that starts around the jaw is also an area that is top priority for me. I have read reviews where people say the FaceFx dies after a couple of months =/ I've been making sure the device is cooled down before I charge it and I try to only leave it on the charge station until its charged, then I unplug the charge station (I don't keep the charge station plugged into the wall). I don't know if that will help extend the life of the product or not but I SURE hope so because I LOVE it.