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  • Dustin G. Rhodes - Harris at his best.As far as teams go, I am completely Team Harris. That is to say, I think religion is silly, at best, and harmful, at worst. However, I don't consider myself a fan of Harris' books taking on the religious establishment; the arguments have no nuance and he paints religious belief with such a broad brush. While I possess an active disinterest in the idea of god, I certainly don't think that every religious person on earth is an idiot.

    The whole "new atheist" movement suffers from overly-simplistic views of religion and religious people. Indeed, in my personal sphere, Harris (and Hutchens, et al) never speaks to the intellectually spiritual, rational religious practice that some of my dearest friends subscribe to. Instead, he plays on emotions--lumping everyone together under the same crazy, snake handling jesus-loving tent. That's a shame because Harris has a lot of otherwise intelligent and interesting things to say.

    To cut to the chase: The Moral Landscape really took me by surprise. I found it to be quite nuanced, challenging, thought-provoking and honest. I think he makes an exciting case for science, and reality, as a tool for determining our individual and collective morality.

    The thesis of Harris' new book is we must learn to think in terms of how our actions cause good or bad consequences for ourselves and others; that science can help us to answer those questions. I believe Harris has made a case that science not only can, but that it should.

    What I especially appreciated throughout this book is that Harris is careful to lump humans and non-human animals together in their ability to suffer. While I doubt Harris puts that into practice by being a vegetarian (though I don't know either way), I think this point is key. Humanity must take into consideration all who live, breathe, suffer if we are to move forward, evolve from our obsession with fantasy and fiction.

    This book is extrapolated from Harris's doctoral dissertation, and unfortunately sometimes it reads that way. To wit, I found the book extremely dry, even if the theme itself was well reasoned and fascinating. But maybe it's not fair to hold Harris accountable for my preference to be entertained--which is probably part of the modern human's problem.

    If you are already a fan of Harris, I suspect this will inspire a love that is deeper and more passionate; if you are somewhere in the middle, like myself, you'll probably now consider yourself a reluctant fan. And if you are D.) none of the above, I pray (ha!) you'll read this book and take it to heart.
  • Jeremy R Slayton - Perfect!I have not had any of the issues that some people have had. WIFI is great throughout my house. No problems with rebooting or freezing. However, I haven't checked the GPS. I didn't buy it for that.

    I worried about ordering the tablet based on the negative reviews. But because of the quantity of positive reviews, I decided to give it a try. I am glad that I did.

    Also, Amazon gave me an expected delivery date of around March 15, but it was delivered two days ago. Good job Amazon!