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  • Tranesha P. Hewitt - Expensive but worth every cent!OMG! My bf tried to tell me to get some Abreva but that $20 was ridiculous. I had a cold sore for about 3 weeks trying cheaper methods (carmex, campho-phenique & all manners of cost-effective things). wrong answer! none of them worked. I finally got the abreva & in 24 hrs & the sore is almost invisible. Wow. Suffered thru a beautiful Miami vacation w/ a cold-sore. ugh! Could've just spent the $20 3 weeks ago. Oh well! Learned my lesson!
  • melanie riley - WE LOVE THIS..Best kid tablet I ever bought has lots of different things to do they love the camera,the apps you can purchase are $5-7-10 or you can buy $25 ones like at the can put movies,music and ebooks on it along with games,creativity, works best if you get the recharger pack for it it also has headphones you can buy for car rides.It cost a little bit to put all the extra apps on it but is well worth the money they really like playing it and it is made just for kids I would suggest it to everyone who has a child.
  • J. Gale "Schnauzer Lover" - SNORING RELIEF!!!I just received two standard/queen WHITE pillows in the mail yesterday (I bought directly from MyPillow). I read mixed reviews on Amazon (my favorite shopping site!), and I felt I needed to share my experience from just one evening. First of all, there was NO odor as several people mentioned. But, you do need to fluff them out as they are compacted down for shipping purposes. No big deal, just unwrap them and throw them in the dryer on med/high heat for 10 or 15 minutes (I did 15). They are normal size pillows and fit perfectly in my standard/queen pillowcases. When you hold them and squish them, you can feel lumpiness, but when you put your head down on them, you do NOT feel the lumpiness. I had a GREAT night's sleep, and I am one that is always up looking at the clock. Not last night! But, the reason I purchased these pillows, was not only for me and my aching back in the mornings (which I did not have this morning!) was for my husband's almost nightly snoring. Not one peep out of my husband last night, which is probably one of the main reasons I slept so well! I highly recommend these pillows (but, make sure you buy the right size, density, etc. for YOU.....get onto the MyPillow website and it will give you the details of the various sizes, densities, etc. that is best for YOU). Thank you MyPillow!!!
  • bornoo1 - Esposed skin careI ordered this for my son as he suffers from acne :(. I like Exposed for several reasons. The bottles of product as much bigger than what than I expected. The kit contains everything you need for a good skin care regimen. The directions provided are simple and easy to follow. Initially his acne became worse using the product but I expected that. I told him within a few days this would reverse itself and he would see his acne clearing up which it did. I am very happy with this product, it is well worth the price.