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  • Angela Streiff - 2013 Amazon Gund bear is ready for winter! Length:: 0:40 Mins

    After ordering the Gund 2012 Amazon Collectible Bear last year and finding out just how cute he was, I was looking forward to picking up the 2013 bear this year. I just got him a few days ago and he's even cuter than last years bear! His fur is a deep chocolate brown color that's very soft. He's wearing an adorable red and black plaid hat in a style popular in my neck of the woods (northern Minnesota). He looks like he's ready to spend a day out on the ice, fishing for walleye. He's dressed to hang out with you all winter, not just during the holiday season. So cute!

    There is a promotion to get this bear for free this 2013 holiday season. If you are ordering $75 or more worth of toys and games from Amazon, you can get this bear for free. There's no code, as long as you have $75 worth of toys in your cart, you can just add this bear to your cart and the price for him should be take off during checkout.
  • cooltoo - I wish I could find another oneCan't find these anymore. I would love to find one for 2014. Comes in so handy for elderly people who have plenty of doctor appointments. You can just put it on your fridge and see what's up for the week.
  • Angelo Dibernardo - Next gen gaming does not disappoint!After hearing of all the launch problems online, I was surprised at all the backlash when I turned tis console on and started gaming away. I have had absolutely no problems and have updated all software. The graphics and speed is unreal, as advertised and as expected. Looking forward to more game releases in future. Current games have not yet unlocked the potential of this unit. Purchased Call of Duty and Fifa with it...blowing me away every time. Look forward to playing every day.
  • Nathan G. Jensen - Miniature Mushroom CloudAfter I bought this little can of Uranium, I bought myself a miniature centrifuge off eBay. Before long I had enough critical mass to make a mini nuclear bomb.

    So then I detonated my little nuke with a Black Cat firecracker in my garage.

    All of a sudden there was a miniature mushroom cloud spreading radioactive materials all over my garage. So now, every time, I go into my garage, I first have to put on one of those plastic yellow suits and the alien-looking face mask.

    It was a fun experiment, but one my neighbors complained to the H.O. saying I wasn't zoned for the production and detonation of nuclear materials.
  • C. A. Kimber - Great software, good priceThis software works really well. I can go through an interview process to fill in my tax entries, or go right to the appropriate form to fill in data, whichever I prefer. I usually fill in data as I receive it in the mail, then eventually go back to using the interview to make sure I didn't forget anything. It's very easy to use and covers all of my types of tax needs.

    We've used this product for at least 10 years. When we first install it each year and start it, it imports a lot of the previous year's data to save time not having to re-enter it. Also, importing all of last year's list of investments is a good way to make sure I've received all of our 1099 forms.

    I've compared prices with Turbo Tax, but H&R Block always is less expensive for the same level of tax preperation. I see no reason to switch for that reason alone and I've never had any other reason to switch, either.