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  • S & N Webster - Four installs, and continues to be excellentI've use Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security for many years. About five years ago, I switched to Bit Defender; what a disaster. I went back to Norton and discovered that they speeded up the program. The latest version, NIS 2012 appears better than the previous version. There is some delay on start up due to boot scanning, but I like the performance after boot up. It appears efficient, working in the background, and has stopped some pretty nasty worms and Trojans. Just yesterday, we almost downloaded a nasty from a website we commonly visit, but Norton stopped the page from loading. Well, I won't have to send $35 to somebody half-way around the world to remove their pop-up advertisement for "anti-virus software". This makes four installs on my family's computers.

    Before installation, just make sure you completely remove any other antivirus software. They don't play well together. Also, uninstall previous versions of Norton; do the uninstall several times using the NIS removal tool downloaded from their website. You should get a clean, efficient install that way.
  • sem8 - Clear informationNewly pregnant and unimpressed by the initial diet information I got from my doctor, I was starting to feel like I would have to go and read all the medical studies myself. Knowing that I would be too lazy to do that, I was starting to make my own rules that worked for me. Thankfully, I heard Emily Oster's interview on the radio last week and learned that she has basically done all the heavy lifting for me and packaged it in this nice, easy to read, and entertaining book.

    I wasn't really excited about the prospect of reading pregnancy books in general, but made an exception for this one and am so glad I did. I will be buying this book for every friend who becomes pregnant.

    Thank you, Emily Oster!
  • N.R. Tolkien - Excellent study tool and great authorThis is the main book I used to study for the SAT a few cycles ago back in high school, and I have to say it's perhaps the best non-ETS SAT book on the market. What makes it especially nice is its personable style it's written in; the authors have put in considerable effort into learning the student's perspective and writing every lesson from in a way the STUDENT would do best. My other SAT preparation arsenal happened to include The CollegeBoard Official 10 Tests (which you should also get) and Barron's SAT, but I found that while both of those have their own strengths--which shouldn't be discounted at all--, they aren't written on a level that is as personable as this one. (For instance, their explanations use much more "technical" language that a student may not necessarily find as meaningful as the language in this one.)

    And to add to the book's strengths, what is unique is how the author graciously makes himself accessible via e-mail if you have any questions you, the student, want to write in. I wrote an e-mail to the address given inside the book and was very surprised that the prompt response next morning came to me from Mr. Chris Black himself! (And it wasn't just a perfunctory answer, it was completely thorough and I got the sense that he really cares how you the student do on this important test.) The bottom line: You can't go wrong studying with this book nor can you under-appreciate the "scholarly compassion" dedicated to you by the author.
  • IrishFan - Works GreatI bought this because I am turning into the hairy guy on the beach. My stomach and back started to become one patch of hair. I could continue, but I'm sure you get the picture. I did not want to consider the cost of professional hair removal because it would cost too much. If this device would slow hair growth and eliminate some hair, I would be happy. By the way, I have fair skin and dark hair.

    Treatment turns out to be far quicker than I expected. I do not want to be completely hairless, so I am not worried if I hit every hair. I do not notice a difference in discomfort from 1-5. It feels the same, so I leave it on the highest setting. Arm pits can be a little uncomfortable and parts of the neckline can be uncomfortable. If you have a tattoo DO NOT hit it with this machine. It will hurt and cause blisters and loss of tattoo color, but that should be expected since the direction says not to hit tattoos.

    After the first treatment I noticed absolutely no results. I decided to apply treatments every 4 days, instead of once a week. I noticed slower growth from weeks 3-6. Spots I was shaving twice a week would not need to be shaved. After 6 weeks, the hair is completely gone with minor touch up areas.

    As others have mentioned, it's almost impossible to ensure the window covers everything, so you are going to have patches that you've missed. Its much quicker to treat the hair patches than to spend hours trying to make sure you've covered everything the first time and it will be less uncomfortable.

    So far I am happy with this purchase.