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  • Astro - Overdrive Comp 2012Love this bike. I've had this bike for about 2 1/2 months now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Its been 200 miles of all trail, rocks and roots and the bike is rock solid. My only complaints are delivery issues. My bike was delivered with a broken reflector and a improperly installed derailleur cable. The rear derailleur cable housing was installed without a ferrule on one end causing the cable to gut itself. The metal strands inside the cable began to shoot out the end. Considering the previous reviews of DB customer service, I didn't bother. I fixed it myself. All in all the bike is a champ. Component for component it compares with LBS bikes in the $1300-$1500 range. Ive made a few modifications, a Serfas RX seat and Ergon grips to help smooth out some of those rough rides. May try a Thudbuster ST seat post next. Sure I've added a few pounds to my bike, but there's already 5 lbs less of me! Make it comfortable. Make it fun. Buy it.
    I still love my bike but I have found its weak link. 'The Brakes.' The Hayes hydraulic disk brakes are a disappointment. I've had them bled at my LBS and it did NO good. I can pull the rear brake lever till it touches the handle bar and the bike will slowly coast to a stop. I couldn't slide the rear wheel in loose gravel! My LBS says rebuild or replace are my only options. This shouldn't happen on a 5 month old bike. I guess I could have just gotten a bad one but who do you complain to? Amazon? Diamondback? Hayes? Hope yours are better!
  • MR Dad - Forget the rest, go with the bestLike the rest of you, I was a doubter after reading some of these reviews. But when it came time for me to connect my DENON RECEIVER to my DENON CD PLAYER, I knew that I would only be satisfied with the best connection possible.

    I'm writing this review from the hospital, so forgive me if I go off on a tangent. The pain medications make me a little woozy.

    The packaging for the product was phenomenal. I posted an "unveiling" video on Youtube. You can watch that videio if you want more info about the packaging. Search for "Cable" on Youtube.

    After my dog dide, I was really sad. I posted a video about his life on youtube too. Search for "My Dog Died."

    The DENON CABLE was surpisingly short. I had expected a bit more length. I guess I should have read the description. However, at only $169/inch it's cheaper than a good quality mail-order bride and will probably cause you much less heartache. (Katarina, please come back to me if you read this.)

    I debated calling a stereo technician to install the cable, but it was late on a Friday and I didn't want to wait, so I decided to do it myself. That ended up being a bad idea, but I'll get back to that later.

    Installation was surpisingly complicated. The back of the DENON RECEIVER had about six million connections and it looked like some type of octopus made out of wires back there. It reminded me of that movie with that octupus thing with legs made out of wires...

    THE MATRIX!!!!!!!! OMG I FINALLY REMEMBERED. That kept me awake all last night (that, and the pain, I suppose). Remember those octopus looking things with legs that look like wires from the Matrix??? Put a bunch of those in a line, shrink them down about 100x, lay them on their sides, and that's what the DENON RECEIVER looks like from the back. For those of you who have never seen the back of your receiver, go back there right now and look and tell me if that's not exactly what it looks like.

    Katarina loved Keanu.

    She loved my dog too.

    I can't continue this.

    Buy this cable, but don't try to connect it yourself or you may end up in the hospital like me.

    Thank you for your time.
  • Annex "annexgirl" - A must for every bad girlI can not recommend this book highly enough. It covers it all from your relationships, to your career, your friendships and your social life. It is packed full of, "What to do with..." lists. For example, what do you do with your boss's business cards? Simple. Write, "Nice job, idiot" on the back and place them under the windshield wipers of badly parked cars. (I find this also works quite well with the business cards of ex-boyfriends...)It also gives wonderful advice on how to deal with very tricky situations. For example, if you find yourself on the first date from hell, or you encounter a man at a club who simply will not leave you alone and won't take no for an answer, the solution is simple. Simply lean across the table, look deep into his eyes and say, "I'm so glad we've met. I think you would make a wonderful father for my hyperactive, disabled son." This is an absolutely hilarious read that will keep you thoroughly entertained while offering some great advice for those of us who are bad, or simply dream of being. I also highly recommend "The Bad Girl's Guide To The Open Road," and "The Bad Girl's Guide To The Party Life."
  • Carol A. Palatini "Getting it Right!" - Atlas is a hit!I purchased this for my husband who doesn't trust the GPS and wants a map when we travel. He totally loves this road Atlas I purchased from Amazon. I think he looked at it for four days straight, and he now keeps it within reach at all times! LOL! Thanks Amazon for giving me a satisfied husband!