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  • mmike - awesome productSo I bought this product for a missing top tooth and the best way i discovered on how to stain it is melt the beads in tea let them sit for 30 secs and it turns to the natural color of your teeth if your a smoker or a coffee drinker this by far an awesome product takes time to perfect but very happy worth the money
  • D. C. H - 100% Effective all of the time!When I am stuck in a binder, I make sure it is the Avery Durable View Binder with 2 Inch EZ-Turn Ring, White, 1 Binder (17032). As a PhD student who is not only part of the 47%, but also a proud member of the 99%, this binder is 100% effective all of the time. Whether I am contemplating a voucher system for my medical services, the modification of social security or not being paid the same as males, I file everything away with me in my secure two inch binder. I would be nothing without my binder, heck I would even contemplate voting if not for this secure device!
  • Melvin James "Mel" - Best Bang for Your BuckThis is my third GPS unit and so far is the best one I've owned. My needs are fairly basic, as I just use it for directions and not traffic or finding attractions nearby, but the lifetime maps feature has been worth the extra money. It's nice to know that all I need to do is download the updates periodically and I never have to worry about my unit not finding my destination in newer areas. This unit is compact and easy to use and, more importantly, the touchscreen is drastically improved over the last Garmin I owned, which I'm grateful for.
  • MGriffis - My Daughter loves it!We bought this for our daughter's 3rd birthday. My oldest daughter has the first edition LeapPad but this one is nicer with the upgraded features. Love the two cameras and the attached stylus. Great learning apps and entertainment for the kids. Saves me from having to share my iphone or having them fight over it.
  • Preacher165 - Great Marker.Just got into paintball. Did a lot of research and product review videos and chose this gun. Paid 249.00 for the gun as contrasted to the 2013's at 499.00. If you are looking for a starter gun about anything you buy will be better than a rental gun. I wanted an electric trigger and this one was the least expensive i could find that also had outstanding reviews. . I also ordered Dye's best rotating hopper and 2 empire tanks. if you are just starting out, be sure to know your local field rules. Some no longer allow CO2....and some do not allow you to use bursts and semi automatic settings.

    Pros: Light, nice look, easy to clean. I no longer have to use a rental gun

    cons: No new news...plastic nipple with allan screw rather than Metal nipple with a clamping screw. I just plan on carrying an extra one incase i break this one off.