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  • lori glykas - Amazing peace of mind productI love this product !!! It's made my life much easier and more importantly keeps my dog safe. I never have to worry about Chloe getting lost , thanks to tagg. I know when she's being taken for her daily walk and even when she's getting enough exercise . Tagg makes being a good pet parents easier :) additionally the $8.00 a month is worth it in my mind. We recently took a vacation and the only reason I left my fur baby behind was because I knew tagg would keep me updated if she was lost or not being walked enough by her doggy sitter , a simple check from iPhone told me she was safely home. Worth it you won't be dissatisfied even a little
  • Floyd Goodrich "Jim G." - High tech heavenWe had an older set of Panasonic cordless telephones but with the bombardment of nuisance calls I wanted a phone I could block them. I've had this phone for four days now and I'm thoroughly impressed with it. It has dozens of neat features and all are easy to change if wanted. Blocking calls are very easy, about three button presses and the numbers get blocked. We have programed our incoming calls into three groups, family in group 1, friends in group 2, businesses and doctors in group 3. I assigned a different tune for each one so I know what group is calling. If the call isn't from a person in those groups it makes a regular bell ring and you know chances are its a nuisance call. This phone system has it all and I mean all you could want except Blu-tooth. With the ability to block 250 nuisance calls life should be better while trying to watch TV again.
  • Wildcat Lee - ABSOLUTELY A MUST READ OF A MOST TIMELY PUBLISHED BOOK BY JOHN SHOREYI cannot say enough about this timely book that John Shorey has published. What impresses me is his humility and desire for truth. He solely waits on the Holy Spirit for guidance and welcomes anybody to correct anything that they may find wrong with what he has said! HOW REFRESHING! I don't like what all the book says but I fully accept it and now believe it as I honestly believe Mr. Shorey has seeked and found absolute truth; NOT RELATIVE truth that so many leaders of the USA refer to and use!!!!
    I also believe that our Lord has given John Shorey the 'job' of writing this book as a gift to his children in these final times to find the truth so we can plan our lives accordingly and share this book with everhyone we have opportunity to do such. Christians and those about to become ones are fortunate in these times to get books like Jonothan Cahn's- The Harbinger and now John Shorey's- Window for the Lord's Return 2012-2020.
  • motahead - More useful than I thoughtI wouldn't have thought this would be so much better than my 1 year old kindle fire but WOW . It is so much faster and more capable . I got the old fire as a gift and did not think I would use it for much but quickly warmed up to the idea of e-books . I also read a lot of manga online , and the fire was so slow to load new pages . This thing goes like crazy it loads really fast . I like the small size for reading , I don't usually watch video but it does that well . I recently spent a couple of weeks in Japan and used it a lot , maintaining contact back in the States , e-mail , trip planning , reservations , maps , for travel it's invaluable , no wi fi or power supply issues at all it just worked ! . I really like my Kindle Fire HD can't imagine life without it now .